Alcohol Addiction Takes Another Gifted Actor: Lafayette From True Blood Passes Away | Detox of South Florida Weighs In

Nelsan Ellis, the incredibly talented actor who played Lafayette on all 7 seasons of the HBO’s True Blood died recently. Experts state that complications with his heart: stemming from years of alcohol and drugs addiction were partly responsible.

It’s terrible to lose anyone that has a special place in our hearts. Whether that be family, friends, or simply someone who made you laugh and cry on tv. It’s pretty crazy to think that many “regular” people aspire to be ultra famous on tv, when for all the fame in the world- it can’t buy you peace. Yes it can bring you wealth and admiration.

However, fame brings with it many of the same problems that obscurity brings. Loneliness, despair and all the things that people never seem to associate with being famous. For instance, you can rarely step out looking not your best otherwise you will end up in the tabloids for being out of shape, or not caring about your looks- or being accused of a laundry list of fashion faux pas.

This list of celebrities who have died from alcohol abuse, needs to be updated to include Nelsan Ellis, even if he is not as widely known as many of the others, his impact as Lafayette was felt by millions during the shows run.  His death should be a cautionary tale to the rich and famous as well as to the regular people like us.

Just because you have fame and money, addiction can strike if you are not careful.  If you are struggling with alcohol addiction and want to get sober, please do not do it alone. Alcohol Withdrawal is extremely dangerous. Click here to get help in Florida for Alcohol Addiction and detox.

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