Shanghai Metal Corporation releases copper tube for various manufacturing purposes

Shanghai Metal Corporation manufactures various products used in different sectors. These products include containers, electrical systems, mechanical products and different construction equipment.

With the advancement in technology it has become eminent to use well researched machinery. The quality of raw materials and modernized machinery helps in making a manufacturing sector successful. In order to come up with quality results it is important to get in touch with professionals that have experience in this field. One of the companies that have been selling machines for various sectors is Shanghai Metal Corporation.

Some of the common metals used in manufacturing processes include aluminum products, special alloy, copper and metallic coated products. While dealing with such products it is important to go through a detailed research and have a proper understanding of the materials. Shanghai Metal Corporation manufactures pancake copper tube that is available in different grades and variable length. It is known to be a good conductor of electricity and it proves to be quite beneficial for various manufacturing purposes. The buyers can have a look at the specifications and finalize the length and diameter that suits them. The three common grades in the pancake copper tube are C1100, C1020 and C1220. Different organizations have different requirements and the company makes sure that the product can be customized depending on the needs of the client.

pancake copper tube

The copper tube coil has a thickness of around 0.28mm and 2.0mm. The three grades available in this coil are C10200, C11000 and C12200. These are tempered products and they are well suited for brazing and welding applications. Buyers have the option to make their enquiry through skype or by filling up the form below every product. They can easily get in touch with the professionals and discuss about their requirements. Once all the queries are solved the buyers can go ahead with a purchase and the company provides them the option to buy these products in bulk.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a copper tube supplier and there range of copper products include capillary copper tube, LWC copper tube coil, pancake copper tube, brass tube, copper clad aluminium tube, insulation copper pipe coil and much more. Along with copper they also supply based on aluminium and steel. It is important for the buyer to mention the area where these products will be used and get the product customized according to their requirements. There are various forming and cutting machines available that can be used for high-end industrial use. The bending machines available on the website include hydraulic bending machines, pipe bending machines, tube bending machines and plate bending machines. Buyers can make comparisons among all the products available on the site and buy the one depending on their choice.

About Shanghai Metal Corporation:

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a Chinese company that has been producing various machinery and mechanical products for a long time now. They manufacture customized products that can be supplied to different regions across the world.

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