Brand New Emotional Intelligence Training Company, EI Experience, Enters the Marketplace

Vancouver, BC – Are your employees engaged?  Are you getting their best work?  In this day and age, when talent is in high demand, are you losing your top people to your competition?  Worse yet, are you losing your people to disinterest and apathy?  Are they just showing up and doing time to get to the weekend?

The key to your organization’s success is to awaken the talent and motivation within your employees. They have it within them, but how do you draw it out?  What are the barriers that are holding them back?  You know that you have a talented team, and now is the time to capitalize on their ideas and their contributions.  

It doesn’t matter whether they are the Millennial new hire, or the savvy, seasoned professional who has “been there, done that”.  What you need is to capture the motivation within them to be their best, both individually, and, perhaps more importantly, collaboratively.

It’s your turn to show your people that cognitive intelligence is what got them hired, but what will lead them to collective and individual success is applied emotional intelligence.  

So, how do you connect with the heart and awaken the passion in others to move forward? This is done through developing the skills of leading with emotional intelligence.

The EI Experience is a new leadership development organization, which provides effective leadership training locally, nationally, and internationally for organizations of any size.

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The EI Experience offers a variety of services – EQ Assessments & Debriefs, Private and Group Coaching Sessions, Live Training Workshops, Online Programs, Off-Site Retreats, and Inspirational Keynotes that come in recommended packages or can customized to the needs of your organization. Every unique combination of activities is interactive and will drive professional development in your organization. Their approach is meaningful, impactful, relevant and includes actionable takeaways. Emotional intelligence is woven throughout every step of their programs, and will allow your team to put the skills to use in their day-to-day roles right away.

Collectively, they partner with clients to design and develop programs that will train and develop your employee’s emotional intelligence skills and will help you achieve the outcomes you want and need.  Every learning program is structured to blend leadership development with strategic awareness and the current operational issues of your organization.

Whether you need to build stronger teams, improve communication or simply enhance the skillset of your leaders, the EI Experience will get your organization moving in the right direction and working as a cohesive team. Carolyn Stern, Founder and EI Expert, stated, “We believe that learning emotional intelligence is the first step to success. These soft skills, which are not commonly taught in schools or workplaces, will allow your company to connect authentically, communicate effectively and thrive collectively.”

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