TouchIT Technologies Adds New Height Adjustable Wall Mounts and Mobile Stands to its Product Portfolio

TouchIT Technologies is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Wired In Media to be able to offer the BalanceBox® and eBox® range of products to its customers. Thomas Regout’s BalanceBox® and eBox® range of products consist of both electric and manual height adjustable mounts that are available in wall mount, as well as mobile rolling cart options.

Being able to adjust the height of your TouchIT LED is a fantastic feature for our customers,” commented Ronnie Murphy, President at TouchIT Technologies. “Students and teachers alike are not all the same height so having the flexibility to adjust the vertical position of the LED makes for a much better user experience,” he added. “We’re pleased to partner with TouchIT Technologies” commented Gene Beckstein, Manufacturer’s Representative for Thomas Regout Distributors. “The BalanceBox® is a complementary mount range to the Y Series LEDs that TouchIT manufactures; I’m sure their customers are going to find them really useful,” he added.

The BalanceBox® 400 offers the user the ability to raise and lower the LED by 400mm or 15.75”. Its patented spring tension mechanism enables the user to raise and lower TouchIT LEDs up to 75” diagonal with little to no effort. For even larger panels, the recently-launched electric height adjustable e-Box® system offers the user 660mm or 26” of vertical height adjustment at an unprecedented speed of 1.5” or 38mm per second. The unit also has a built-in anti-collision mechanism should the mount or LED come into contact with an object whilst it is being raised or lowered.

The product range is available now for use with the TouchIT Y Series LEDs and TouchIT Technologies has already begun delivering the range to some of its larger school district summer installation projects.

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About TouchIT Technologies

Founded in 2008, headquartered in Birmingham, MI, USA, TouchIT Technologies designs and manufactures innovative touch-based interactive products for use in both Education and Corporate environments under the TouchIT Technologies brand name as well as under OEM brands throughout the world. TouchIT as a company began manufacturing Interactive Whiteboards which were sold to over 30 countries World Wide. Today, the Company focuses on its interactive flat panels and associated software.

TouchIT Technologies has offices in Europe, Middle East and manufactures its range of interactive products in the Far East.

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