Instaroid Helps People Capture Everlasting Memories of their Wedding in Singapore

Singapore – Capturing every moment is essential for everyone’s wedding day. Not only are the wedding photos important for creating lasting memories, they make every dream turn into a reality. Beautiful instant pictures can help make those everlasting memories from the big day come to life in a way never done before. Instaroid is a non-photographer needed type of deal, where the bride and groom can let their wedding guests be the creative ones and make all the memories. Instaroid is the next level of Polaroid photography for weddings and events of all types, allowing guests to capture every moment and print them right then and there, or instantly post the Polaroids to their social media pages.

Instaroid, created in 2014, has instantly soared with success in Singapore, offering the type of photography that everyone wants at their weddings that photographers can’t provide. While the love of Polaroid’s seems to explode all over the world, Instaroid has created something that companies and individuals can take advantage of; allow multiple people take Polaroid’s without the expense of multiple Polaroid cameras, and the ability to share them immediately to the online world or print them.

While photographers are the traditional way of doing things, they don’t quite give the guests any benefits. In order for guests (or the bride and groom) to even see the photos from the event, they either have to wait weeks to see them and access them through a link or online album. By the time they get their photos, its old news! Although event photographers and photo booths are onto something and have the right idea, their presence isn’t exactly improving audience engagement. In fact, as the quick emergence of mobile photography and social media is forever growing, they are becoming outmoded; event photography has gained a completely new meaning.

Instaroid says their ‘eureka’ moment, and plenty of hard work is what led to the launch of their widely-used service and product. Therefore, they have continued the development of Instaroid into what it is today, and as it is relevant, the results speak for themselves. There is only one true form of wedding photography that can actually engage with the guests, the kind that is captured personally anywhere at any time and can be posted online instantly for friends to share, comment and like.

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