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Maryland, USA – July 12th, 2017 – Prices for new homes in Washington DC most times hit the roof. Sometimes they get up to $555,900. Hence no matter how hard working you’re, it would be humanly difficult to obtain such houses at that rate. However, there are some pockets just a few distances from the city of DC that are very affordable. For example, the Hyattsville area of Prince George County, Maryland.

There’s a community in Hyattsville called Palmer Park where investors have taken an interest. Homes in this area are being renovated to the standards of homes in neighboring DC that are at least $100,000 more by comparison.

A practical situation is seen in the case of Stephanie Walker, a mother of 9, a wife and a female investor who is contributing to the total revamping of the community. She wants a complete turnaround and is building a more presentable community around that region. She is offering a newly renovated and remodeled three (3) bedroom semi-detached home at a flat rate of $150,000. Although this may seem like a dream it’s not, it is a reality. She wants all American’s who desire to have their own home to become successful homeowners.

Her aim is to beautify more houses, and she wants to be referred to as Palmer Park Peaches. Since she is giving homes on 1708 Allendale Place differently from most sellers will surely stick her brand name to the mind of dwellers around.

Here Comes the Great News:

She’s offering the home at $129,500 to be sold to the best offer on Sunday night July 16th. The only times to view the home are on Saturday, July 15th and July 16th both from 1 pm to 4 pm.  The question becomes, how long will homes like this be affordable? The time is right to ‘get off of the fence’ and get into the Homeownership game. Take hold of this opportunity while it lasts. Smart people make smart choices; be smart and become a home owner.

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Phone:  301.905.9780

The Event location:1708 Allendale Pl, Hyattsville, MD 20785

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Company Name: 1708 Allendale PL, LLC
Contact Person: Eli Majeed
Phone: (301) 905-9780
Address:1708 Allendale Pl
City: Hyattsville
State: MD 20785
Country: United States