Premier Innovations Inc. Introduces New Pool Pump Cover!

For pool owners who have a pool pump that is making an issue for their neighbors and for the bedroom in their home where the pump is near, they can now breathe a sigh of relief, as Premier Innovations Inc., has today introduce a new pool cover that is designed to eliminate 75 to 90 percent of the noise at the introductory price of $249.99.

This new water pump cover is SERENE+ Model: L080580U. It has a dimension of 15Lx12Wx14H and comes in various colors that lend themselves to blending into its landscape. Besides it’s 75 – 90 percent sound reduction capability, no operating cost, among this new model highly touted features that make this a no-brainer product are:

• Easy assembly, lays flat for storage
• Lid removes for pump inspection and maintenance
• Durable, lightweight, high-temperature resistant construction
• Protects pump against rust, dirt, rain, snow, tree sap and the sun
• Extends the life of your pump, protects against corrosion
• Versatile fit or custom fit available
• Use with your favorite pool pump
• One-year limited warranty

“If you are experiencing excessive noise coming from your pool motor, and if after determining the cause – whether it is a bearing noise, a vibration noise, or a hydraulic noise – you’ll find the new Serene+ pool pump cover box will greatly, if not eliminate your noise issue,” said Gregorio D. Cruz, a spokesperson for Premier Innovations Inc., located in Pensacola, FL 32514.

“You’ll also be comforted to know there will be no assembling where this newly released SERENE+ pump cover is concerned. It is very easy to install and can be completed in minutes. All the panels are secured with Velcro,” noted Mr. Cruz.

Another noticeable feature of the new SERENE+ pool pump motor cover is that is weather resistant. “Yes, the outer layer is made of a heavy duty sturdy vinyl coated with PVC (Ultraviolet protectant) that can withstand high ambient temperature with a Cold Crack of -55-degree F,” added the Premier Innovations Inc’s spokesperson.

Besides, purchasers are guaranteed 100 per cent satisfaction. Should a buyer be unhappy with the product he or she has a 30-day after delivery return it for a full refund, minus the shipping and handling charges?

There is also no need to worry whether the new SERENE+ Model: L080580U is compatible the plethora of pumps models being used by pool owners. According to the product’s spokesperson, the new pool cover is compatible with a range of pool motors, including such models as Pentair, Whisper-Flo, Dynamo, SuperFlo, Hayward, Tristar, SuperPump II, Max-Flo II, STA-RITE, Max-E-Glass, Dura-Glass, Max-E-Pro, JACCUZI, Magnum- Force, JANDY, Pro Series, etc.

Besides its utility and compatibility, the new ERENE+ Model: L080580U is being introduced at a greatly reduced price, which by industry standard, is very competitive.

For further information about this pool pump noise reduction facility, please contact: Gregorio D. Cruz, Marketing Manager, Premier Innovations Inc., 8902 Burning Tree Road, Pensacola, FL 32514, Phone: +1-760-736-4987, E-mail:, Website:

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