Nautic Alert showcases the next gen of boat monitoring, safety, and security with their new Insight X2.

Nautic Alert showcases the next gen of boat monitoring, safety, and security with their new Insight X2. Nautic Alert is the early detection platform designed to protect passengers and crew using using microwave intrusion technology, intelligent bilge monitoring and control, next-gen GPS technology, advanced energy trending, and global emergency response with 2-way communications. Nautic Alert X2 will be showcased at IBEX 2017.

CHARLOTTE, NC – 13 Jul, 2017 – Nautic Alert unveils one of the most technologically-advanced marine monitoring, tracking, safety and security system designed specifically for early-detection of events, with its new Insight X2 release. Partnering with security and safety companies such as Inovonics, Optex, and GEOS, X2 unveils the first marine microwave-based intrusion detection solution designed to detect an intruder before they board or make entry, and provide 3-levels of protection. X2 also features global GEOS-based SOS and emergency two-way monitoring and response, and adds a long- range personal emergency transmitter that can trigger an emergency response from onboard, man-overboard, or even a nearby beach, especially when cellular service is not available.

Gone are the days of pressing an emergency button and hoping and waiting. X2 enables two-way messaging with GEOS, so you get confirmation when the message is received, and can even describe an emergency and get details on the response. It also has a texting interface which enables communications with any mobile number, anywhere. The personal emergency transmitter can be concealed and carried nearby from the water, dinghy, or a beach to keep you connected in the event you run into any sort of trouble.

X2 doesn’t stop there, in fact, it also includes multi-bank DC monitoring and trending, the most precise and accurate anchor alarm in the industry utilizing next-gen GPS technology, vessel tracking that automatically displays previous and current tracks in real-time, AC shore power detection, and the award winning Nevata bilge controller designed to replace a float switch and work from above the waterline. X2 is complete with On-Demand communications, delivering real-time information from the device itself, whenever you want it. Nautic Alert’s advanced low-power architecture enables boat owners and charter companies to keep track of their assets and passenger safety, even in remote locations where shore power is not available and solar-panels are relied on.

Early detection is key to beating catastrophes, and Nautic Alert delivers. Microwave intrusion detection enables security to work with harsh marine factors that previously made PIR (passive-infrared) technology unreliable due to swaying lines, vibration, waves, air drafts, nearby movement from adjacent docks and boats, etc… and can wake or notify passengers before an intruder even steps onto the boat. Now charter companies and boat owners can have the upper hand in beating back night theft from pirates that come onboard while tenants are asleep, or thieves just trying to steal an outboard motor or dingy . Other early detection features include DC trending, which enables a user to see a battery- related issue before they experience a low-voltage condition. The Nevata bilge controller enables unparalleled bilge protection by detecting issues with plumping, a developing leak, or a faulty bilge pump, well in advance of a high-water condition, and can even auto-switch to a backup pump.  The advanced anchor alarm detects unexpected movement in as little as 50 feet, and automatically adjusts when the GPS signal degrades.

The Nautic Alert is an MTC-E, which stands for monitoring, tracking, control and edge-based. Unlike other products, the Nautic Alert solution doesn’t just report sensor data, its edge-based capabilities enable it to learn, analyze, and makes intelligent decision with measured data in its onboard processing engine, so when you get an alert, you have additional time and information you need about the event to decide how to react. Designed by a lifelong boater and former IBM employee with critical server development experience, the Nautic Alert transforms boat monitoring by introducing technology and innovation never before seen in a marine application. X2 will be showcased at IBEX 2017, and X2 is now available from and AtlanticRT.  Global features require Iridium capabilities.

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