The Holding of Activity at Taicang Branch Meeting Place in 2017 Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou

The Industrial Economy Forum Activity at Taicang Branch Meeting Place in 2017 Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites was held in Powerlong Hotel on July 11, 2017, more than 150 foreign and domestic elites who were active in fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, bio-medicine and so on and came from United States, Germany, France and other places, fund venture capital institutions as well as the news media that cared about the industrial development in Taicang came to Taicang together to seek innovative and entrepreneurial common developments. Municipal party secretary Shen Mi delivered the speech, vice party secretary and mayor Wang Jianguo presided over the activities and city committee chairman Qiu Zhende attended the opening ceremony.

Basic information, regional advantages and industrial distribution conditions of Taicang were introduced by Shen Mi. Shen Mi said that, “Recently, Taicang has centered on goals of “Make Innovation, Enrich People and Build a High-Level Well-Off Society in an All-Round Way”, kept in step with requirements of “Obtain the Good Ideas, Measures, Atmosphere and Effects of Innovation Through Ask Questions”, organized the implementation of “522” elites engineering, “Loudong Elites” engineering and introduced, cultivated the high-end, innovational and enterprising elites seriously. Besides, Taicang possesses 30 persons belonging to the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 4 groups belonging to Innovational and Enterprising Group of Jiangsu, 50 persons belonging to the Innovational and Enterprising Elites and 69 persons belonging to leading personnel of Suzhou.” Theme of the Venture Week in Taicang was determined as “Elites, Industry and Finance” this year, which aimed to build a communication platform for the profound integration of elites and industry, finance as well as assist the wide cooperation between foreign and domestic elites and financial venture capital institutions.

All distinguished guests and friends were invited at the industrial economy forum and project cooperation meeting to discuss the new ideas and new measures of the development of elites, industry and finance. Meanwhile, the activity were taken as an opportunity in Taicang to further improve the financial venture capital service system, and speed up the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship carrier platform as well as create a more high-quality venture capital environment industriously so as to provide the first-class development stage to all types of talents, especially the high-level leading talents. Taicang sincerely hoped that the more and better scientific and technological resources and innovative results could be brought to Taicang by elites, and welcomed numerous talents to realize innovation and entrepreneurship, and seek the common development in Taicang.

This year, Policy Suggestions on the Promotion of Innovation and Transition and Consolidation of Talent Supports was issued by Taicang to strengthen the support level to talents, among them, 20 Articles of Talents New Policies has great support levels. The talent cooperation organizations was the bridge and bond to introduce the overseas high-level talents, and the city has further expanded overseas channels to attract talents, recruited and increased a group of “Direct Stations for Talents Introduction” in public, which will certainly play a positive and promoting role in introduction of more overseas high-level talents.

The advertising video of Taicang was played on opening ceremony and additionally, the innovational and enterprising environment and new policies of talents were also introduced. Besides, 4 “Direct Stations for Talents Introduction” including Chinese Association for Science and Technology were licensed on the opening ceremony. Furthermore, the Shanghai Venture Capital Association has signed a contract with Municipal Development and Reform Commission on fund programs, so as the Bank of China Investment Limited and Guokai District, SIDVG and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Roadshows of fund programs have made by vice president Zhang Xiling of Suzhou Guofa Venture Capital Holdings Limited Company.

The industrial economy forum of Taicang was held then, the well-known financial commentator Ms. Ye Tan delivered a keynote speech on “Industry and Finance”, which made an in-depth analysis on the crucial place of Taicang in Shanghai metropolitan area, elaborated the advantageous geographic position and industrial strength of Taicang, made original opinions specific to complementary development of the industry and finance as well as described a magnificent future development blueprint of Taicang.

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