Supported by Microsoft, Mastercard, Token uses continuous two-factor authentication to seamlessly verify identity information

NEW YORK, NY – 13 Jul, 2017 – Token, the biometric technology company changing the way you prove and protect your identity, today announced the launch of its first product, Token – a biometric identity ring that streamlines the process of authentication throughout your day. Supported by partners including Mastercard, Microsoft, FitPay and the FIDO Alliance, and highlighted at the Microsoft Build 2017 conference, Token is available for presale now at beginning at $249, and will begin shipping to users in December 2017.

With the increasing number of times we need to prove who we are daily – spanning passwords, payments, keys and transit cards – we’ve never had so much of our offline and online lives to carry, protect and memorize. For passwords alone, a recent study conducted by Intel in 2016 found that the ‘average consumer has 27 different logins for various accounts, spanning personal and work use’. As hacks, phishing, and malware incidences simultaneously increase, many consumers have found properly securing their identities complex and time-intensive. Token introduces a frictionless solution to managing these credentials while leveraging a proprietary continuous two-factor authentication method – via an ultra-compact fingerprint sensor in the base of the ring and an optical proximity sensor – to ensure no one but the user can ever access the protected credentials.

“The way we prove who we are is broken. Token allows you to prove who you are – from your front door to your office to the grocery store – while simultaneously protecting your information with advanced cryptography,” said Token Cofounder and CEO Melanie Shapiro. “It’s all of your digital keys in one place, while taking up less physical real estate than a credit card.”

Made of sterling silver, Token masquerades as jewelry while housing military grade protection. To activate Token in the morning, the ring’s fingerprint sensor unlocks your credentials. Throughout your day, Token uses simple gestures inspired by natural movements, like taps and knocks to prove identity. At the end of the day and anytime the ring is removed, Token’s embedded proximity sensor instantly locks credentials and only reactivates when the fingerprint of the original user is detected.  Token replaces the need for the majority of day-to-day credentials, including:

  • Credit Cards: Pair your MasterCard or Visa and pay with a tap at over 15 million stores

  • House Keys: Token works with Token Lock, unlocking and locking your front door in seconds

  • Passwords: Token is working with hundreds of partner companies in the FIDO Alliance to bring an end to passwords.

  • Transit Cards: Tap and go at over 50 transit systems worldwide, with another 30 going live in 2018

  • Access Cards: Token is HID SEOS enabled so it can replace your access card at the office

  • Car Keys: Use Token to unlock car doors and soon to activate the “Start” button

“Passwords no matter how long, complex, or frequently changed are inherently insecure, and yet we use them every day to verify our identities. Microsoft designed Windows Hello to enable all of our customers to move to a password alternative that is secure from the modern threats and we’re thrilled to work with Token to make the Windows Hello experience even better. With its wearable design, Token logs you into Windows 10 seamlessly in a way that feels natural and familiar. We’re excited to continue working with our partners like Token to make Windows devices and our customers online experiences more secure,” said Chris Hallum, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Windows Client Security.

“At Mastercard, the purpose of our Commerce for Every Device Program is to enable secure payments to a whole new generation of devices – giving consumers more choice in how they pay,” said Kiki Del Valle, Senior Vice President, Commerce for Every Device, Mastercard. “The Token device provides our card holders a personalized lifestyle accessory that can make simple and safe contactless transactions at millions of merchant locations in 96 countries around the globe.”

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Product Specs & Features:

  • Pricing:  

    • $249 for Token

    • $349 for Token and Token Deadbolt

    • $349 for Token and Token Car Plug

    • $399 for Token, Token Lock, and Token Car Plug

  • Token App: Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10, and OS X

  • 3 finishes available:

    • Brushed Stainless Steel ($249)

    • Black Rhodium ($299)

    • 14k Rose Gold ($299)

  • Size: Available in sizes US 6-12 and approx. 9.0mm wide x 2.5mm thick

  • Battery Life: Two weeks, inductive charger included

  • Waterproof: Take Token with you in any environment, waterproof up to 50 meters

  • Sleek Design: The sterling silver band masquerades as everyday jewelry

  • Simple Gesture Control: Token functions can be activated through a series of taps and knocks

  • Fingerprint Sensor: Token features a square black fingerprint sensor on the ring’s interior that unlocks credentials as soon as the ring is worn

  • Optical Sensor: Token locks your credentials as soon as you take it off so you don’t need to worry about losing it

  • Secure Element: Credentials are stored on an EAL5+ certified secure element to keep them safe

  • Bluetooth, NFC compatible: Seamlessly integrates with your existing technology

About Token:

Token is the biometric technology company making it simple to prove and protect your identity. Founded in 2016 by Melanie and Steve Shapiro, who previously founded Digsby, Token is an identity ring that uses continuous, biometric, two-factor authentication to let users live keyless, cardless and free of passwords.

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