New Multi-device Website Speed Testing Tool, Site Relic, is a Time Saver

Singapore – July 13, 2017 – Time is of great essence to the digital economy, and the speed at which websites work plays a major role in attracting and retaining visitors and current and potential customers. A new open source tool for checking not only how fast a website loads but a host of other factors has therefore been launched by entrepreneur Chandan Kumar at

Site Relic is the quintessential tool for very webmaster, website owner, entrepreneur or web engineer. The quick and handy tool is multi-device enabled, and show how much time it takes to access a website from a given user’s position. The tool allows nine locations for the check, thus giving it an international appeal.

The website speed test tool comes with many additional features. Three important factors that can be checked with the site toolbox are the time to first byte, fully loaded time and page size. These checks can be conducted from both the desktop and a smart phone. The website speed test tool is also good for checking number of requests needed to load a webpage, and number of requests made by content type such as images, scripts, CSS, html, and others. Users can also see a full screenshot for desktop and mobile resolutions.

“Site Relic is a website speed testing tool that can be used from Asia, Europe and USA using mobile and desktop. Since no one likes a website that takes hours to load, this is a must have in every website manager’s kitty,” said Chandan Kumar of Site Relic.

Site Relic was started by Chandan Kumar as a solution for website owners and webmasters so that they could easily get hold of essential site metrics. The tool can also test HTTP secure headers, and for those who are technically inclined, Site Relic hosts many other tools related to Checking Screenshot globally, HTTP/2, DNSSEC, HSTS, DNS Record Lookup and Blacklist Lookup.

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