Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd Introduces Mooring Bollards in Various Shapes to Help Accommodate Large Vessels

With a more accurate mooring angle, the bollards introduced by Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd can be suitable for large size vessels in the marine industry.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd adds newly designed bollards in their marine protection product range that have been designed to facilitate the accommodation of large size vessels. These bollards are available in various shapes, such as Tee head bollard, pillar head bollard, horn bollard, etc. The company manufactures these bollards using cast iron, cast steel and spheroidal graphite that make them robust for a marine application.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the Tee head bollards are designed with more acute mooring angles, suitable for the general applications of above 200 tons. With an advanced technology, the bollard features a safe factor of 3 and is suitable to be used in practical applications. The spokesperson reveals that the bollard is also available with different paint systems of yellow and black, depending upon the dock. One can also choose from tee head bollards available in different capacities and different numbers of bolts.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd Introduces Mooring Bollards in Various Shapes to Help Accommodate Large Vessels

Besides bollards, the company specializes in different types of rubber fenders, designed for the marine safety. One can choose a cell fender from a wide range of available sizes and a height between 400H and 3000H. The reasonable structure of the fenders guarantees a high performance and can support large steel panels in the fender margin. The company supplies the cell fenders that are suitable for the berthing of large ships. These fenders are ideal for the bulk terminals and container terminals. These fenders also have their application in offshore oil and gas facilities.

The company also brings cone fender that are the third generation of the cell fenders. These fenders are available in a wide range of standard sizes with a reasonable structure that can have the deflection of up to 70%. Due their conical structure, these fenders are very stable and can withstand large compression angles. The company designs the cone fender system that can be used for the berthing of large ships in bulk terminals, container terminals and other offshore facilities.

One can check the details of the bollards and rubber fenders that the company manufactures by visiting their website www.defendermaritime.com

About Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd

Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd is an experienced company specializes in supplying highly cost-effective rubber fenders and bollards for berthing and mooring. The company has various standard rubber fenders available in their stock, but customized products can also be provided, as per client requirements. All products are produced with the best raw materials, the engineered design and are produced strictly in accordance with PIANC guidelines.

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