Bob Woolsey Shares his Romantic Comedy – Husband in Waiting

A Romantic Comedy that proves love conquers all of its quirks and twisted turns.

Bob Woolsey knows that true love really does come true in a rom-com that redefines the meaning of happy endings in Husband in Waiting.

The story revolves around Kurt and Toni who find love and marriage under one condition – keeping it a secret from their friends, acquaintances and families.

Living in separate apartments, Kurt’s busybody landlady guards over him like an owl, leaving the two with very few moments for lovemaking- except maybe for their honeymoon in the Alps.

The lovers experience funny adventures (concocted mostly by Toni)as they travel from Switzerland to Rome and finally to the island of Ischia, before returning home. There’s a time in a Swiss resort when lack of funds almost ruins everything. When Toni’s ex-boyfriend shows up, there are problems. Fortunately, his meddling makes their marriage even stronger. Eventually their secrets are discovered by Kurt’s boss and by his landlady. Sheun ceremoniously kicks him out of his furnished room.

The couple’s secret pact eventually backfires, turning their lives upside-down and leading to hilarious results. And when the moment of truth comes out, they realize that a second wedding should mark the love they initially opted to hide. A “new” wedding is publicly announced. Husband In Waiting is a book of love and lovers and Bob strikes each word with both humor and passion. Weddings, secrets and laughter…it has all the formula of romance.

Bob Woolsey

Husband in Waiting

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About the Author:

The author is a semi-retired Trusts and Estates attorney in New York and New Jersey. He was a Fulbright Student in Germany in Classical Literature. After graduating from the University Of Virginia Law School, he served for two years as a Briefing Officer for Army Intelligence at the Pentagon during the Vietnam War. He has self-published an autobiography entitled The General’s Briefer based on that experience. Recently he taught High School Latin for a year. He currently lives in Northern New Jersey. His interests include travel, foreign languages, cooking, and word games.

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