ServiceMaster by ASI – Emergency Water Cleanup in Seattle Serves to Keep Damages in Check

Seattle, Washington – ServiceMaster by ASI is devoted to making sure that homes or buildings are kept safe from potential damages, ones that could get out of hand if not addressed immediately. Around for 36 years now, the company is backed by an elite team of well-trained technicians committed to upholding their highest business, ethical, and quality standards.

ServiceMaster by ASI is open round the clock, making sure that they respond to calls at any time. “Time is of the essence when the water is spreading and further damaging your home or business and its contents. We have well-trained technicians and specialized equipment to stop the damage and begin the restoration process immediately.  True enough, there is no telling when water-related issues such as clogged pipes or leaks will strike. Hence, the 24/7 service intends to lower the imminent face of damages and dilapidation to make sure customers problems are addressed in a timely fashion,” reads an excerpt from their Google+ page (

With their round the clock service, ServiceMaster by ASI ( can immediately deploy their technicians to the site between two to four hours. Among the counties that the company currently serves include King, Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston, and Mason. They will first undergo the usual promise of assessment with specialized equipment before a recommended restoration plan is rendered to revert the damaged portions back to its original state. Assuming clients are amenable to the course of action, the process would first include water extraction from affected surfaces. From there, technicians will use setting commercial grade air movers and dehumidifiers to accelerate the drying to address the issue. Once completed, recurring inspections will be set to determine if further adjustments would be needed.

In worst case scenarios, reinstallation and cleansing may be needed. This includes initially cleaning distressed items. Should the effort provide futile, the worst case scenario may call for eventual replacement – depending on client preference. Hence, the best recourse for anyone who incurs these water-related problems is to immediately give them a call to prevent the mess from getting out of hand.

It would be best for people to immediately address current problems such as clogs and leaks which could eventually get out of hand. ServiceMaster by ASI’s office is located at 1916 Pike Place #1326 Seattle WA 98101. Interested personnel may contact them via phone at (206) 207-1378. Alternatively, customers can check them out on their website at

Media Contact
Company Name: ServiceMaster by ASI
Contact Person: Ernie Dittmann
Phone: (206) 207-1378
Address:1916 Pike Place #1326
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Country: United States