Indie artist debuts project made entirely on an iPhone 7

NUTOPIA – 13 Jul, 2017 – “I needed to create and share for myself, in essence this is public therapy, but I also wanted to encourage others to take risks so they can reap the benefits that come from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone” explains (vs) when describing the basis for, moai.

An acronym for – made on an iPhone, moai, serves as another example of how technology has impacted the music industry for both artists and consumers alike. The entire 5 track EP was created with the app, GarageBand, on an iPhone 7 Plus in just a few weeks time. Seemingly avant-garde, the project invokes feelings of chaos and confusion, while it’s obvious intentionality fosters a sense of freedom and liberation for the listener. 

“The stars aligned and I saw an entry point,” says (vs). “So, I raised my pistol, and took a shot in the dark.”

Listen to (vs)’s extended play, moai, which is now available on both SoundCloud and Google Play. And, be on the lookout for, royal, which is scheduled for release in August.

Media Contact
Company Name: (Vs)
Contact Person: Vagabond Shaun
Country: United States