Watch Out Seattle! Mount Rainier is Getting Ready to Blow!

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – 13 Jul, 2017 – Northwest author Matthew Heines parodies everything Seattle in a new book about a plot to detonate Mount Rainier.

Throughout the Rainier Paradigm, a comic thriller in the vein of Dr. Strangelove, the author makes continual references to a coffee house called Staybacks, Nowing Airplanes, Microfloppy and the Northwest preoccupation with marijuana. Not spared either are government agencies, as the reader sees a slew of anagrams from the secret weapon called the Hyper Electromagnetic Radiation Pulse Extender (H.E.R.P.E) to the Naval Undercover Tracking Service (N.U.T.S.) who are after the story’s main character. Highlighting Seattle’s traffic is a N.U.T.S. agent named Road Rage Voorhees who makes his junior partners get out and run after suspects when traffic stalls.

Of course, where would a story about Seattle be without hackers, and there are plenty of those to go around. The leader of the hacker group, Julian Fry grew up in Sequim, with the main character in the story, the unassuming University of Washington graduate student, Melissa Ross. Julian Fry is bent on discovering what is behind a secret research project when he finds a secret simulation called the Rainier Paradigm. What he soon finds out is the Rainier Paradigm is the cover for a weapons project called Snow Den.

If it sounds funny, it is. Matthew Heines, who grew up in Sequim, Washington makes sure there are plenty of humorous references and innuendos Northwest residents of all ages will appreciate and everyone who watches today’s headlines is going to love.

Other works by Matthew Heines are his non-fiction works My Year in Oman, Another Year in Oman, Killing Time in Saudi Arabia and Deceptions of the Ages.

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