Alexander Dunlop, A Life Coach Who Is A True Magician, reaches Amazon Best Seller List With His Book, Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life On Earth

Alexander Dunlop reaches #1 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases Category with his book, Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life On Earth

Alexander is a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street consultant who went on a personal quest to find the meaning of his life.  After attending Jesuit seminary, becoming a Swami in India, and apprenticing to Indigenous Shamans, he found the purpose of his life, much to his surprise, in an ordinary deck of playing cards.

“The deck of playing cards is actually a timeless book of knowledge that was hidden in plain sight,” says Alexander Dunlop.  “It reveals the mathematical structure of the quantum field in which we live.  And, it’s at least 7,000 years old.”  

According to this timeless knowledge, based on the date of birth, each person has 13 cards to play for life and form our Sacred Blueprint.  “And once we know this,” Alexander continues, “then we have the awareness to make clear, confident decisions in life.  It offers us a direct pathway to more fulfilling work, happier relationships, and authentic self-expression.”

Peter Roth, Director of the Heart River Center, says, “In his soul-affirming book, Alexander beautifully describes our unique journeys…  He has brought these cards to life, revealing their extraordinary truth.”

And this is what some of Alexander’s clients had to say about the book.  Kelly A. Connor writes, “In Play Your Cards Right, Alexander shares game-changing wisdom for mastering Cupid’s game.”  “This book is a must-read for business leaders…” says Marty Katz, managing partner of the Stratist Group.

The book is available on Amazon:

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