Breakroad Global Launches Healthy Pads Movement To Prevent Menstrual Disorders and Infections

As menstrual health and topics regarding periods continue to be taboo subjects globally, women continue to suffer due to lack of knowledge, unavailability of sanitary product and in many cases substandard or even dangerous sanitary products. To address this significant issue, Breakroad Global is an international brand of high-quality products using cutting-edge technology, recently launched an initiative that hopes to educate women about the dangers of substandard Sanitary Napkins, which are the leading cause of Menstrual Disorders and Infections and its prevention.

According to the latest findings by Breakroad’s investigation of sanitary pads and tampons available in the market right now, most sanitary napkins that women have to use during their monthly period contain chemicals that are carcinogenic in nature which could be the leading cause of many gynecological health conditions. The statistics on the subject are alarming, in a report released by W.H.O report, it was indicated that in 62 % of women gynecological infections occur during menstruation because of the poor quality of most sanitary pads available on the market. The first problem with substandard sanitary pads is that they are made out of recycled material, which may be good for the environment but the traces of bleaching agents and printing inks that make their way into the pad can cause cancer. Manufacturers use recycled materials despite its adverse effects because it costs less and increases their profits.

Another problem of the substandard pads is their construction, which uses unbreathable materials such as plastic and chemical based absorption gels, which cause warmth from the body, humidity and sweat making the area a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs that cause infection and contributes to discomfort and poor health. Breakroad understands that it is important for women to learn about the danger of substandard pads and it is their right to demand better quality alternative pads and products; therefore, Breakroad has introduced their healthy pad: Puressence Pads that uses Anion strip technology to provide protection against bacteria and germs. The negatively charged ions on the strip can kill 99.9% of bacteria and naturally relieve menstrual discomfort. The anion strip is compressed with over 6000 negative ions per cubic centimeter and is activated by fluid or warmth. Furthermore, Puressence uses natural material that allows the women’s genitals to breathe while performing as good as chemical based absorbents.

The company invites women to join Breakroad Global to drive the change to a healthier future for women.

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