LVDGE Silica Gel Products Co. Ltd Offers Silicone Fondant Molds!

Guangdong, China – July 13th, 2017 – In this age of technological advancement, there is one thing you and every human being longs to have – something that looks like you; something that can describe your mood and feeling, by the way, it looks, totally unmistakably you.

From the names on the back of our shirts to the number plate on our cars and even the tattoos on our skin. This is what LVDGE Silica Gel Products Company Limited has done – extending the possibilities to our household manufacturing industry.

Silicone molds – fondant cake decorating, cake decorating fondant, and custom silicone soap molds today are widely used in baking, cake decoration, handmade soap, candles, handicrafts, all kinds of modeling food, frozen food, including homemade/handmade products, company logos, etc. By designing silicone into different shapes, sizes and configurations of the user’s choice, they can craft out the “you,” in everything that you own – fun, right?

To get your custom silicone mold is simple. First, if you have a sample of what you need, then send the sample of it to be reproduced in silicone. Secondly, if you have the readymade product and want your mold on them, you can send the product for the pattern to be made according to the item to ensure there is no mismatch along the way. Sending pictures of what you want is also useful, but the pictures have to be extensive and best accompanied by dimensions. Drawings and dimensions of the items can also get sent to LVDGE for reproducing the silicone. Please note that to make a custom mold, you must tell us how you want the custom mold to be used, so that we can choose the appropriate silicone material and take appropriate production process.

For those who don’t have an idea of what they exactly want, you are not left out. You will get help through the whole process of giving your feeling, imagination, thought and actual form.

And for accuracy, a sample mold will be made, and the pictures sent to you for confirmation, after which you will have your mold. No changes would be made at this point, so be sure that when the sample is sent to you, you ensure you are satisfied before you confirm.

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LVDGE Silica Gel Products Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and wholesaler of fondant silicone molds, liquid silicone, silicone adult products, food-grade silicone products, etc.

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