Innovative China Mugs Made from Seashells Promise Germ-Free Safety

Qingdao City, China – Mugs are everywhere, and so are the germs that lurk inside. A new china mug, Seashell China Mug has been designed by Qingdao Polino International to take care of hygiene and health of mug users. The healthy china mug is also currently open for crowdfunding contributions on its Indiegogo page.

Everyone loves artistic and creative mugs, but it is easy to ignore whether the mugs will stay hygienic and free of germs during use. The Seashell China Mug is made to be anti-microbial, natural and even improves the quality of water. The ‘Duca’ china mugs are also a delight to look at, with two sea elements, seashell and jellyfish.

Health expert too agree that china mugs are healthier than conventional metal, paper or plastic mugs, and eliminate one source of sickness. Ordinary mugs made of ceramics or bone china can easily accumulate dirt and germs due to water absorption and a rough surface. Qingdao Polino International thus conceived of making china mugs especially with health and hygiene in mind.

Seashell China Mugs are inspired by the seashell resources found abundantly on the beach. After years of research, the company found a way to convert them to make china by combining modern firing technology with traditional craft. The new china is now called ‘seashell china’ (Duca).

Among its main features, the seashell china mug is eco-friendly, carries a nano-antibacterial enamel with an antimicrobial rate of 99% compared to ordinary china mugs. Rich in calcium to improve water quality, the mugs are lead free and cadmium free, and made from heavy metals. Duca also contains pearls, and has the lowest water absorption rate, further enhancing its hygienic quality.

The new Seashell China Mugs are made at extremely high firing temperatures of 1,350 degrees Celsius, higher than that used for making conventional mugs. The material is also of high quality, chosen from washed seashells mixed with feldspar, quartz and Kaolin.

“The Duca fine seashell china mug is a green product, which is natural, anti-microbial, healthy and hygienic. It can improve the water quality effectively. Duca is also microwave safe and dishwasher-friendly. When you take each sip of water, your health will remain safe,” said Hui Chen of Qingdao Polino International.

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