FLiFLi LifeBattery Air Highlighted As a Strong Choice For Apple Devices

Lightweight and Powerful Battery Bank Can Power Any Apple Device

Palisades Park, NJ – July 13, 2017 – Apple device users will soon have a new option for getting their mobile devices and computers powered up while on the go. The FLiFLi LifeBattery AIR is to be promoted through an Indiegogo campaign that will be launched on July 17.

This battery is designed with a body that matches the MacBook as it is available in four different colors. The FLiFLi LifeBattery AIR especially offers a strong design that is easy to use. It is stable and offers a consistent connection as output ports can be placed on top. This is thanks to the magnetic charging input connection used on the battery. It connects to the MacBook or other Apple device one has with ease to ensure a port will not be at risk of being damaged.

The AIR will charge all kinds of Apple devices. It works for hours on end before its battery packs have to be powered up again. This is thanks to the 27,200mAh capacity of the battery. It uses eight 3,400mAh lithium ion batteries to keep it functional. This all comes even with its small size that is 6.6 inches on its longest side.

When fully charged, the AIR can spend up to 68 hours powering up a MacBook Air. It can spend more than 100 hours powering an iPhone with a total of nearly 300 hours for the iPhone 7.

The QuickCharge 3.0 system particularly works to power up the AIR in the event that it runs out of energy. It can be charged up in about four hours. Of course, the AIR can work for a long time before it has to be recharged again.

This all works with USB Type A and C ports for all Apple devices. It also has over voltage and over charge features to keep it protected and at less of a risk of overheating. The battery will shut off automatically when it is done fully recharging an Apple device.

The FLiFLi LifeBattery AIR Indiegogo campaign will be revealed to the public on July 17. This is expected to be highly anticipated among Apple device users thanks to how well the battery can work with such devices in mind.

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