South Bay Honors District Champions

Staff, Students, Volunteers and Community Organizations among Recipients

South Bay Union School District collects nominations throughout the school year to host recognition events for the district’s champions. These students, parents/guardians, teachers, teams, and community members have demonstrated unparalleled dedication to the district by supporting goals within the individual schools as well as the overall community. Superintendent Katie McNamara continues to promote this district champion program due to these individuals’ positive impact on the community.

South Bay is committed to recognizing the efforts of the individuals who consistently add to the community’s missions. It is extremely important to appreciate all of the work being done to better the school district for students and their families. South Bay will continue the District Champions program next year.

District Champions 2017-2017 Academic Year:

• Connie Bastida – A grandparent volunteer, Connie was recognized for her outstanding service to the students and staff at Berry.

• Maud Mulvany and Marisol Casillas – Maud and Marisol were honored for their dedicated leadership of the community garden grant project at Central.

• Mirinda Quillopo – The Community Volunteer Coordinator at Mendoza, Mirinda was nominated by more than 15 parents for her amazing support of our families.

• Jose Montaño Foundation – The Foundation Board was recognized for their generous support of children and their partnership with South Bay.

• Brionia Corsentino – A student at Berry, Brionia was celebrated for her academic excellence and her kindness toward others.

• South Bay Music Club Board – The 2015-2016 Board Members were honored for their outstanding work and tireless support of our students.

• Candace Reese, Cherie Maurice, and Sonia Sandoval were recognized as a team for their leadership of reading at VIP Village.

• Adriana Villanueva, a teacher from IB Charter School West, was nominated to honor her dedication to students.

• Teacher Erin Allen was selected for her contributions to instruction and student achievement IB Charter School.

• Mary Beth Zopatti, Sandra Espinosa, and Georgina Maestre-Chavez, the Sixth Grade teaching team from Sunnsylope School, was honored for their commitment to teaching excellence.

• Officer Alan Anderson from the San Diego Police Department was recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty in support of South Bay students, staff, and families.

• Yzabella Gonzalez and Camila Anaya, students from Nicoloff School, were honored for their campus leadership.

• Students Aiyanna and Isaac Garro were selected for their impact on school culture at Sunnyslope School.

• Renee Ivashenko, a volunteer at IB Charter School West, was recognized for her support of the campus and the instructional team.

• Volunteer Maryann Larson was honored for her service to the staff and students at IB Charter School.

• Lorena Mancisidor, a volunteer at IB Charter School West, was selected for her service to students and staff.

• Sunnyslope School volunteer Kimberly Garro was nominated in recognition of her service to the campus.

• Valdina Burgi, a Bus Attendant, was recognized for her caring attitude and support of students.

• Kymberly Nichols and Miguel Serrano were recognized as a team for their teaching excellence at Oneonta School.

• Anabel Coyle, a teacher at the Bayside STEAM Academy, was honored for her dedication to students.

• Michael Moran was recognized for his passion for teaching and his leadership at the Bayside STEAM Academy.

• Renzo Guzman, a student from Oneonta School, was honored for his leadership.

• Cindy Pillado is a Community Volunteer Coordinator and was nominated for her devotion to the students, staff, and families at Emory School.

• Susan Skillman is the Vice President & Sr. Branch Manager at North Island Credit Union and was recognized for her dedication to the students and families of South Bay.

• Maria Chavez is a parent volunteer and was honored for her service to the Emory School community.

• Greg Corrales, a community member, was recognized for his support of students.

• Hector Gracia was honored for his support of the Emory School community as a parent volunteer.

• Catherine Manorina is a parent volunteer and was honored for her service to the Emory School community.

• Bertha Zepeda Lopez was selected in recognition of her service to the Oneonta School community.

• Terry Loyo was recognized for her dedication to families and her support of South Bay.

• Ruben Flores, a Custodian at Nicoloff School, was honored for his dedication to his work and his service to the school community.

• Gloria Vargas, a parent and volunteer, was recognized for her dedication to Pence School.

• Sylvia Castellon, a Breakfast Supervisor at Pence School, was nominated for her service to the students, staff and families.

• Jeanette Walker, a Special Day Class teacher at Pence School, was honored for her dedication to students.

• Cynthia Gonzalez, a sixth grade teacher at Pence School, was recognized as a collaborative and helpful colleague.

• Becky Geiss, an Academic Coach at Mendoza School, was honored for inspiring and mentoring her colleagues over the 36 years of her teaching career.

• Susy Chavez, the Academic Coach at the Bayside STEAM Academy, was honored for her school leadership and her support of student achievement.

• Meagan Ramirez Webster, a sixth grade teacher at Nicoloff School, was recognized for her campus leadership.

• Fernando Llorente, Wendy Fitzgerald, Morwenna Baldessari, Cathy Fitzwilliam, Letitia Stanton and Yael Estersohn, the Specialist team at Nicoloff School, was nominated for their dedication to students and collaboration with school staff.

• Claudia Juarez and Juana Lopez, as a teacher and parent leader at Central School, they were honored for their service to English language learners and their families.

• Petty Officer First Class Chris Flores was nominated for his outstanding service to the community at Nicoloff School.

• Emma Tubbs, a sixth grade student at Imperial Beach Charter School, was honored for her creativity, generous spirit, and perseverance.

• Cecily Gibbs, Marc Emmons, Rebecca Jarrett and Shanika Sanchez, the third grade instructional teach from Imperial Beach Charter School, was recognized for their teaching excellence and service to the campus community.

• Glenda Campos, an Education Services Technician, was honored for her efficiency, organizational ability, and support of the staff at the Education Center.

• Hector Villagrana, South Bay’s Warehouse Supervisor, was acknowledged for his dependability, productivity, and leadership.

• Amy Cooper, the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees, was recognized for her leadership of special events.

About the South Bay Union School District:

The South Bay Union School District proudly serves over 7,500 students in Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, and south San Diego. The District is comprised of twelve campuses, including nine K-6 schools, two K-8 charter schools, and one Preschool. South Bay offers several specialized programs including Dual Language, Instrumental Music, Visual and Performing Arts, and a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Academy.

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