Ideawheel C5 Smart bike Helmet Makes Life Easy and Wonderful

Ideawheel C5 smart bike helmet is an amazing equipment. It makes every outdoor activity safe and wonderful. Based on high-end material and advanced craftsmanship, it is cool to wear C5. Besides protection function, it has many other outstanding performances, such as playing music, answering a call or monitoring the house and so on.

The terminal goal of high science and technology is to benefit people’s life and Ideawheel C5 intelligent helmet is one of the best examples. According to the literal meaning, it is an equipment for protecting the head. In fact, it is a great tool that can make life easy and wonderful. In the journey, it is a good camera and music player. In some outdoor activities, it lets people answer a call conveniently. At home, it is also a real-time monitor and ensures the security.
Ideawheel C5
First and foremost, Ideawheel C5 smart helmet is made from high-end material, which is lighter but tougher. Therefore, it will give the best protection for head. However, it owns many more humanize and considerate functions. In the middle of helmet, it is a camera lens that can take photos and videos vividly. People just need to click the button and will catch pictures from different angles. Even if they are under movement conditions, like outdoor bicycling, skiing and rock climbing, they can shoot at will. In the meantime, people also can answer a call anytime and anywhere when they are in some outdoor activities.
Ideawheel C5
What is more, no matter what people are doing, they can enjoy great music experience. The equipped Bluetooth sound box is compatible with mainstream electronic devices and plays music in them. Even though people don’t use it and put it in a wall corner, it still works. It doesn’t need WIFI and can videotape around the clock, which guarantees house security to the hilt. For those enthusiasts of outdoor activities, Ideawheel C5 Bluetooth helmet is an indispensable device, which offers great protection and enjoyment. In the house, it brings home safety. High science and technology is perfectly applied C5. It also represents the future mainstream in helmet market. Life becomes safe and wonderful because of Ideawheel C5 smart bike helmet. It will widely accepted by people.

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