Ordering your Own Blood Tests, online, Made Easy with your cell phone, no Doctor Visit

New Century Labs is one of the leading providers of direct-to-consumer blood testing


New Century Labs.com allows you to order your own blood tests online, on demand, from the comfort of your own home at the lowest possible cost in the United States, much lower than a traditional Doctor visit. New Century Labs CEO, Adel Morgan, former Merrill Lynch employee says this company is in the right place and the right time to do business due to an increased environment of chronic diseases and high healthcare cost.

According to medical experts, 70 to even 80% of all clinical decisions come from just 1 drop of blood and disease happens in the body before symptoms first appear. The answer to finding out when your health sits is by taking a look at what’s going on in the inside—this means you have to be proactive about your own health care and get your blood testing done in addition to good diet and exercise, as sitting back can potentially invite health risks to your body.

New Century Labs Started in 2014 with the idea that blood tests should be accessible to everybody at an affordable price. Fast forward to 2017 we are seeing more often that major health insurance providers are becoming more cautious and critical when it comes to covering blood tests; in addition, many practitioners are also feeling that pain as well. Kim Gutierrez Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, Oregon says it’s very difficult to get necessary blood work approved by insurance let alone the doctor’s visit so I go through New Century Labs. The patient knows how much the test costs upfront, they can get 90% off of traditional pricing and there is no surprise billing.

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Morgan started New Century Labs with the core focus by providing doctors an easy to use the portal to access blood tests for their patient’s hassle free at rock bottom prices, but Morgan also sees the growing demand of Direct-to-consumer ordering from their website. Anybody around the United States except for folks living in NY, NJ, RI, MD can order blood tests from www.newcenturylabs.com from their cellphone fast and securely where their lab order is synced to their major diagnostics provider which has over 2,500 convenient locations throughout the United States. The customer can expect results from 24-72 hours. Morgan says usually when results are delivered the patient is ready to engage in a much more meaningful conversation with their doctor.



New Century Labs has a team of dedicated Medical Directors over seeing lab orders and over 1,000 Medical Doctors and Naturopathic doctors using blood testing services through their web portal and thousands of happy customers throughout the United States who have discovered an easier way to be more proactive about their health care while saving time and money. 

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