NEW YORK, NY – 14 Jul, 2017 –

BellesCastle – an innovative beauty products company, today proudly unveils the “Lifties” product line – the breakthrough “Instant Facelift in 15-Minutes”, that erases wrinkles and sagging on the face and neck making you feel young again. BellesCastle simultaneously launched a Kickstarter campaign, utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring Lifties to the world.

Patent Pending Lifties are an externally applied, non-invasive skin pulling system.  Lifties use a Skin Tab that adheres to bare skin along the hairline using a dab of Adhesion Solution, that connects and tightens to a Beauty Clip which slides into and anchors to the user’s hair at the base next to the scalp. When the Skin Tab is tightened, the skin is pulled – erasing away years of accumulated wrinkles and sags. Lifties are self-applied as easily as makeup is… in as little as 15-minutes with no discomfort and no downtime.

“Finally a practical solution for age lines, wrinkles and sagging. No surgery, no needles, no laser, no pain, no recovery time, no high costs – just real amazing results.” said Phil Willett, Founder and Chief Design Officer of BellesCastle. “Lifties are simple, safe, high comfort and affordable for everyone.  They enable an effortless natural beauty that allows you to accent your very best features and become a natural younger version of yourself.”

Lifties can be placed most anywhere along the hairline. For example, to erase crows feet wrinkles around the eyes or to smooth cheek wrinkles and sags. They are also used to minimize upper eye droop/wrinkles or to tighten the neck skin area. Lifties are disguised and hidden by hair manufactured into and extending from the skin tab and by your own hair covering.

Both women and men of all ages with hair at least 2-inches long and with average to thick volume, can benefit using Lifties. Additionally, facial features can be altered and accented for a different look. For instance, elongating the eyes or accenting the upper cheek bones using Lifties.  This is called External Facial Altering (EFA) –a new beauty category of altering facial features without surgery or other invasive procedures.

Lifties are water, perspiration and humidity resistant and remain securely in place for days, weeks or use just for special occasions. Lifties are fully hypoallergenic and use industry standard cosmetic adhesion and release solutions.

For different hair styles, Skin Tabs and Beauty Clips are offered in 10-color options. Also the hair extending from the Skin Tab can be colored to the user’s own unique color. Although easily self-applied, Lifties are a new product and service that beauty salons, beauty stores and day spas can provide to their clients.

Lifties are offered in various quantity beauty kits and are available for pre-ordering on Kickstarter from July 10 – September 3, 2017, with “early bird” discounted pricing starting at $ 79.00.

BellesCastle Founder Phil Willett said, “Kickstarter is the ideal platform to launch Lifties. This is a new product and a new way of bringing it to the world. By supporting Lifties on Kickstarter, people can be part of the innovation process and directly affect the success of the launch.”

Visit the Lifties page on for a Lifties demo video, meet the creators, to pre-order products and learn more about how Lifties are changing the beauty and cosmetic world:

About BellesCastle LLC

BellesCastle was founded by Phil Willett in 2014. Operating across locations in New York City and Cheyenne, Wyoming, we have assembled a deep breadth of talent with expertise in multiple disciplines of the medical, engineering, cosmetology and manufacturing fields. Together these seasoned professionals have over 40-years of experience in perfecting and bringing complex products successfully to market to solve real life problems.

The BellesCastle team is focused on next-generation high comfort beauty and lifestyle products. Lifties is their first high production breakthrough product on Kickstarter, with many more in development to follow. For more information on BellesCastle, visit the website:

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