Employing Network Launches Innovative Executive Networking Platform

Employing.Net Provides Unique Platform for Executive Talent

Executives seeking an innovative and confidential way to market their skills and reach out to recruiters now have a unique and effective platform available: Employing Network Inc. is unveiling a new networking platform that will meet all of their needs and more.

To learn more and get started immediately, executives can visit How It Works page at Employing Network.

Employing Network Inc. has long been recognized for its excellence in providing executives with a direct path to top level positions. The release of its confidential executive networking platform marks the next step in service to both recruiters and the talent that they seek.

According to Sophia Chang, Employing Network’s Senior Vice President, “C-suite executives have unique talents, and that means that they need an equally unique way to find their next challenge when they are ready to make a move. At Employing Network we are very much aware of the need for confidentiality as well as quality of service. That’s why we make sure that the senior leaders within our network are served by the cream of the crop of executive recruiters, and that the positions that they’re offered represent only the most rewarding opportunities. Whether they are looking to guide a start-up, to join another Fortune 500 organization, to mentor a rising leader or to provide leadership on a non-profit board, they’ve come to trust Employing Network to help them find those opportunities, and they’ll find that our networking platform adds another layer of excellence and function to our offerings.”

The Employing Network’s platform has already been met with an enthusiastic response. Membership has quickly grown to include over 60,000 executives and 3,000 executive recruiters: all are carefully screened to ensure the level of experience and quality that is expected by both our clients seeking talent and our members seeking opportunities. Only top-level positions are posted on the site: the current average compensation package for available opportunities is $160,000.

Employing Network’s staff has always been there to ensure that our members are provided with all the tools that they need to meet their diverse needs, and the same attention to detail has been applied to our networking platform. Ms. Chang says, “We want to make sure that our Senior Executives are fully satisfied and that we have anticipated everything they could ask for. We’ve invested our time and capital into making sure that we are able to provide top talent with a route to the positions they seek in a highly confidential and confidence-inspiring platform. Based on the feedback we’ve received from our executive members, we believe that we have exceeded our own goals – and we strive to continue improving our services every day so that we can continue to anticipate and meet all of their needs.”

About Employing Network Inc.

At Employing Network, our success comes from helping executive leaders and the organizations that need their guidance to come together. With only the most experienced and talented leadership talent forming our network and clients ranging from entrepreneurial startups to non-profit boards and Fortune 500 corporations, we bring the together in their common goal: to identify the matches that will represent bringing the very best in executive leadership to help guide their organizations.

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