Final launch of the SIMS MAINCOIN ecosystem

MIAMI, FL – 14 Jul, 2017 – SIMS MAINCOIN is a conglomerate of systems bonded together with process management that runs MainCoin cryptocurrency for internal transactions. Supported and used by the whole system, MainCoin (MCN) is a stablecoin with a constantly growing value, making it also a good investment opportunity.

The aim of SIMS MAINCOIN is to create an alternative economic system, that wouldn’t depend on the state economic processes and would function independently of the current markets. Everyone can use this project to start and grow their business.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for SIMS MAINCOIN started on January 21 and finished on March 17. During those eight weeks the project succeed to collect 18.40 BitCoins and $426,368.17. This amount did not fully meet the project needs but made a good start for a successful platform launch. Initially planned for April, the lauch was postponed to July considering reduced budget and comprehensive technical improvement. The SIMS MAINCOIN team was carefully working to implement additional modifications into the system and to ensure its flawless operation. From this week MAINCOIN cryptocurrency is available for sale and use worldwide.

In the beginning, owners of the MAINCOIN will have access to the four independent platforms of the SIMS MAINCOIN: MAINCOIN platform, FLUIDCOIN partner coin, ZAZADU marketplace and the STARFISH NETWORK.

The Starfish Network (SFN) is a business oriented social network for the MAINCOIN partners and traders, that is already fully available for use. Starfish Network offers commercial opportunities and fund multiplication through social growth. Starfish Network is built on the principles of creative industries which expect people to become successful and profit not only from investing, but also through the application of their knowledge.

Soon the team will also release ZAZADU, a digital auction marketplace. Zazadu is a P2P marketplace that will offer its users many additional selling styles. This platform will combine the benefits of online stores, classified ads, and online auctions. Users will be able to exchange products and services in the traditional sense (i.e. fixed price or regular auctions), and in the new gamification ways (like a penny, seat, closed price auctions), currency growth or raffles.  

Developers also about to release the FLUIDCOIN, a partner cryptocurrency. Thanks to unique Expanded Liquidity Incentive Program (ELIP) program FluidCoin is a low-volatility cryptocurrency with a predictable upper price movement. Long-term growth of the value of the coin is based on its growth relatively to MainCoin (MCN) which in itself is based on USD.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Edward Williams
Country: United States