South Florida Tech Group Reaches 10-Year Milestone

How Young Computer Techie Dominated South Florida Tech Space
– Patti Pearson

SOUTH FLORIDA – 14 Jul, 2017 – By age 12, Andrew Scott was going to garage sales to buy broken computers, rebuilding and fixing them to resell. He’d had a passion and talent for everything computer-related. After graduating from Caesar Rodney High School, he said he thought he wanted to be a park ranger due to his other love – the environment. He did a brief stint in Environmental Law Enforcement in Delaware Seashore State Parks before he relocated to Fort Myers, Florida in hopes of attending Florida Gulf Coast University to major in the same.

Remembering well his middle school business ventures when he was making more money selling computers than his parents, who had government jobs, to get the resources he needed for college, he knew he would have to do what he knew best – working with computers. At age 18, he started what would now be the premier source of tech services for the who’s who of the Florida business world. 

“I remember my very first computer sale appointment, with a nice couple in a poorer neighborhood in San Carlos Park,” Scott said. “It would have cost them $400 or more to fix the computer, so I told them it would be best to buy a new one.” While Andrew walked away with hundreds of dollars in a deposit, along with the client’s PC, realizing he failed to leave behind good contact information, he honored his word and returned the next day with a brand new computer. The couple was waiting for him when he arrived, obviously relieved with his honesty that he came back. 

In 2008, as Scott got a little better with marketing, he became so busy he decided to run an ad for an additional team member to help with the technical aspects. He thought he’d have a few people show up to his “open house” styled interview.  There were 45.

“There I was standing in front of this huge crowd not knowing what to say!” Scott said. But he successfully made his pitch, interviewed a dozen candidates and hired now longtime friend and Romanian Andrei T. who was extremely versed in IT and spoke six languages. After that came someone to run the office. And the rest, as they say, is history.

South Florida Tech Group, Scott’s brainchild, has enjoyed being the largest IT Consulting business in South and Central Florida and has reached close to $10 million in sales since inception. With 60% business clients and 40% residential, the firm has 20+ IT consultants with expertise in everything from computer consulting and repair to website development and HIPPA compliance. The diversity of the company’s services and team members’ individual skill sets combines with 50% lower rates than the competition to propel it to its current dominating position.

“Working with Disney and Universal Studios has been some of our most exciting jobs… but we never overlook the small guy who might need a virus removed or help buying a new computer,” Scott said. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, real estate and insurance offices; franchises like Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts; the likes of area airports, cruise ships, high rises, and golf courses; and even celebrities like T.V. personality Judge Judy Sheindlin are among South Florida Tech Group’s growing client base.


2007      South Florida Tech Group was founded.
2011      Opened 4,000 sq. ft. retail storefront and office suite in Coconut Point Mall, Estero, FL
2012      Deemed largest IT service provider in Southwest Florida
2013      Top 5% in the nation in Angie’s List IT Services categories
2014       Recognized as Largest LOCAL IT Provider in South & Central Florida          
2015      4th Year Winner Super Service Award from Angie’s List
2017      10,000+ unique customers
              5,000+ phone calls a month
              $10 million in sales since inception
              Averaging 26 jobsite visits per day

What were this high school educated entrepreneur’s keys to success? 

“I watched my mother, father, and grandfather struggle to make ends meet with their businesses,” Scott said. “I knew I had to do something different or I would only get the same results. I realized that the business needed to run itself, not run me. Unlike my mentors, I wanted to have a life outside of the business. I knew early on I had to only work ‘on’ the business, and never ‘in’ the business, for it to be healthy. Then I would have the time to do other things.”

He places high priority on his hiring practices to find just the right technicians that work independently from Scott or his assistant.

“I can’t successfully run and grow the business if I have to be hands-on…that’s why I hire the consultants that I do. I like to preach ‘hire hard, lead easy’ in conversations with management.” 

Technicians are assigned to clients for one-on-one personal relationships, which is pivotal in a customer’s mind. Unlike going to a big box store like Best Buy for the Geek Squad, clients will have personal attention and a much higher level of skill from the same team member each time. They can call, text, or email their assigned consultant 24/7. Combining skilled technicians with low fees – this company created a winning combination.

Services offered by South Florida Tech Group include: computer consulting, sales and service, server/network administration, wi-fi installations, office phone systems, and business technology solutions including website development, online marketing, pay-per-click advertising, Google apps, and social media management.

When you visit a kiosk at Downtown Disney, where once stood a boring cash register, you now have an integrated tablet system to cash you out for your child’s first Mickey. Or when you go to the ER Quickcare, and its systems are working and ready for you. Or when you take that trip to Key West and the boat’s smart lighting enhances the mood for dancing. Or when your family huddles around the home theatre and the sound quality makes you forget you’re not there. These are thanks to South Florida Tech Group.

“We have the people, the products…and most importantly the imaginations to make just about anything happen,” Scott said.

South Florida Tech Group is the most trusted and largest local IT Support Group in South Florida. It services business and residential clients and operates 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to world-wide remote assistance, it concentrates sales and services in most cities south of Orlando including: Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Ft. Myers, Melborne, St. Lucie, West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. 

For more information, contact South Florida Tech Group at 888-257-3015. Or visit the website at

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