Local Westchester Baby-Safe Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services by Green Choice Carpet

Local green carpet and rug cleaning service is putting the word out about the importance of using non-toxic cleaning products from baby safe green carpet & cleaning services to keep Westchester babies and young children safe.

Westchester – July 14, 2017 – Yaniv Nir The owner of Green Choice Carpet is serious about the health and safety of the babies and children whose families his company serves. In fact, health and safety are the very reasons he opened a green rug and carpet cleaning company 20 years ago in Brooklyn in the first place. Since that time, Yaniv Nir has had ample time to see firsthand that non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning methods are just as effective as their chemical-laden cousins.

Having gradually expanded the reach of his environmentally and family-friendly cleaning business over the years until it currently serves the entire Greater New York Area, Yaniv’s goal today is to get the word out to Westchester and its surrounds that green cleaning is the carpet and rug cleaning choice that makes the most sense for Westchester families who have babies and young children.

Says Yaniv, “Being a family man myself—and running a family-owned business—I had to take stock of the kind of cleaning products I’d want to allow my own children to be subjected to.” As he tells it, that thought led to some soul-searching and finally to the inescapable conclusion that cleaners laced with harmful chemicals were not the kind he was prepared to use around his own children and that, therefore, he was no more willing to use them around his customers’ children.

“Babies are very sensitive to chemicals in their environment,” Yaniv says. “So, it’s important to eliminate—or at least minimize—their presence in the home. Since some sources can’t be eliminated entirely, the key is to make sure we aren’t adding still more in the cleaners and other products we use. Most carpet cleaning companies use these toxic cleaning products for their standard carpet & rug cleaning services, though they may also offer a green alternative. We’re proud to say that at our company, green is the only alternative.”

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