China startups to Launch in Aug World’s First Open-source Project Based on Real Data Blockchain Protocol Stack

(Article: Zheng Qi/Photo: Liang Lei)

More than 40km off Chengdu there’s a “crazy farm” in Huaguoshan Village, Chongzhou. More than 300 mooing cows live here. Early in the morning fresh milk is sealed in bottles on the production line and the information about every bottle, e.g. place of origin and time of production, is entered into the farm computer. After the bottle comes all the way to the home of a Chengdu consumer, he approaches the cellphone to it, scans the QR code and obtains all the information—place of origin, time of production, time of commitment to logistics and time of dispatch. “They have adopted our 5U Farm user data supply chain system.” said Eva Fo on Jul 10, CEO Xcener Technology Co., Ltd. (or simply Xcener), a company based in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park. Xcener successfully utilized the blockchain, a tamper-proof technology, to develop 5U Farm, an IT-based hardware and software solution tailored to farms. “All the product information is automatically entered in a tamper-proof manner, from the farm all the way to the end user. It’s like a digital ID card for the product.” Xcener’s core technical team will formally kick off the open-source project next month, which will be the first underlying protocol community project of its kind in the world and involve top-notch developers from 6 countries and with different backgrounds in the development of the Community.

The blockchain validates farm product information tracking

A few days ago Xcener announced the completion of its Round-A ten-million-dollar financing program funded by Fenbushi Capital and Fang Fund Partners. “One of their emphases is on blockchain, which is also the focus of Xcener’s present and future programs.” Said Fo. Right after incorporation in 2014, Xcener threw itself into 5U Food as its first program. “Food safety ranks among the many challenges facing global agriculture. It relates directly to the safety at the tongue level and promises very big market potential.” Among the many agricultural products Xcener locked in on high-quality eco-farm products, targeting itself at the source end to provide blockchain-based data service for organic farms or internationally certified farms which export products or food ingredients. By synchronizing upstream physical and chemical information with supply chain node management, 5U Food conveys food information interactively and directly to the end user on the blockchain platform.

“Organic farm products are not new for many people, yet they’re not totally assured about what they bought for lack of a universal credit certificate on the mark. With the blockchain, we can affix the time stamp to products as a credit certificate because the information is self-trusted, public, transparent, collectively maintained and tamper-proof.” said Fo. The sensors collect the real-time physical information about the farm—soil testing, fertilizer application, watering and pest monitoring—convert it into data that are then entered automatically into a smart system. “No intermediate step. No artificial intervention. Purely smart control of all information.” said Fo. Apart from realizing trustable credit, the technology helps cut manual cost for farms. “Last year alone the ‘crazy farm’ saw its product profitability rise by 15%.” Sources say by early July 2017 the user data supply chain system had established partnership with 792 high-quality farms in 17 countries. Besides, 260 more farms will be using the system in the coming week.

Open-source codes make custom applications possible

Fo defined the 1st step of her blockchain technology firm as the provision of “farm products” and the 2nd step the provision of “applications”. She told journalists that the user data supply chain system is a blockchain application, while the open-source plan to be launched in August involves the sharing of the source codes of a smart contract based on data services agreements. Any enterprise, organization, entity or individual can become a developer and independently develop his own blockchain application product in the community in the future. “We’ll create the world’s first real data blockchain protocol stack, execute the open-source model strictly and involve more participants in our blockchain. We hope they’ll know more about Ethereum and advanced industry opportunities based on the consensus protocol.”

According to Fo, it may take two years or more to develop bottom-layer data links, which means a very big monetary and time cost to research teams and companies. An open-source plan, by contrast, supports joint research and wisdom sharing for developers and enterprises in a blockchain community based on open-source license agreements. The blockchain is in nature an international system built on open-source consensus and sharing. “Our open-source plan will commence in August and source codes will be open to global developers in November.” Now Scry has invited French and Canadian specialists to join the development plan and is inviting more international data sources to join. “We promise to support more companies and teams in trying blockchain development and providing free DAPP products in the future.” It’s anticipated that the open-source ecosphere can integrate data storage and inquiry, swarm intelligence analysis and scientific data prediction.

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