Top Orthodontist Office in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California – Westwood Orthodontics and Dr. Lisa Gaois here to make sure that their clients pearly whites are in the best shape possible. They offer the best orthodontic services in the Los Angeles area.

This company has been helping people fix and fall in love with their smiles in Los Angeles since 1976 and are now accepting new patients.

At this company,they strive to make sure that the patient’s self-confidence is growing due to the best treatments for their smiles.

At Westwood Orthodontics, they offer the top Invisalign and the best braces dental office in Los Angeles. This company additionally offers all types of treatments to straighten their patient’s teeth and make sure that they offer the most convenient schedule and flexibility when it comes to financing.

This company is a small private practice, and at Westwood Orthodontics, they make sure to offer focused on delivering detailed care. They offer the family setting to make sure that it is more comfortable for the patients. Additionally, they see a limited number of patients daily to make sure that each client is getting the best possible care from the professionals.

Westwood Orthodontics will make sure that the patients are well informed when it comes to their own dental care or their child’s dental care. They attempt to make sure that throughout the entire dental surgery process that all the questions that the patients have are answered and that they know they are making the best choice.

The team is highly experienced, they offer a total of 70 years over the entire team. They make sure to offer warm and extraordinary service. What separates thispractice from the rest is that the orthodontists are board certified. Only one-third of orthodontists have their board certification. These doctors have passed a set of rigorous written tests and clinical exams that are provided by the American Board of Orthodontics.

If anyone is having a problem with their pearly whites, then visit Westwood Orthodontics.

Contact Westwood Orthodontics and schedule an appointment today, they offer a complimentary new patient exam to help learn about the variety of treatments options that are offered. Visit the website and request an appointment today.

At Westwood Orthodontics, the professionals are excited to see new patients and help them achieve the smile that they have always wanted.

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Company Name: Westwood Orthodontics
Contact Person: Dr. Lisa Gao
City: Los Angeles
State: California 90024
Country: United States