Airwheel R3 Smart Assist Electric Bike makes a great contributions to the society and environment

Airwheel was proud to state that it successfully released a revolutionary model—R3 citizen folding electric bike that is different from the traditional bicycles in many respects, as it makes a great contributions to the society and environment.

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As a brand new transport in 2017, Airwheel R3 serves not only as a transport but also as a recreational vehicle. As for those who spend all day in the office for the sedentary job with less time to work out, Airwheel R3 electric assist urban bike is a time-saving and efficient way to work out. In the process of riding it, it help the rider keep healthy and build up his body, especially in the man-powered mode. It serves to relax the mind and body of those white-collars. If they do not relax regularly, the fatigue producing in the job will accumulate and finally take shape into a serious disease.

Airwheel R3 folding electric assist bike 

R3 is much of help to the cause of protecting environment. The private car produces a huge amount of exhaust gas into the air, making the air quality worsen. Nowadays, the smog is the main bane to the city dwellers. The culprit is the exhaust gas emitted by the private car into the air. R3 eliminates the problem of exhaust gas into air. The clean energy will protect environment from being pollution. This contribution is great and socially beneficial. To be a responsible human being, it is highly advised to drive less and choose green vehicles. Airwheel R3 folding electric assist bike deserves to be called an eco-device.

Airwheel R3 electric assist urban bike 

If the people are talking about the biggest bugbear, the first one must be the traffic jam in the traffic jam in the rush hours. The traffic jam often causes him to be late for work. The lateness for work means to a serious fine and put some important issues on hold. R3 can pass through the crowed traffic. If they travel by car every time, it could be a waste of oil and they may encounter traffic jams, which is rather annoying. Thus, they can use Airwheel R3 electric moped bike then.

When you ride Airwheel R3 city electric bike personally, you will find more unexpected outcomes it brings for you.

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