Get Free Pokecoins with this New Pokemon GO Hack

Pontstraße, Aachen The statistics may vary from one source to another, but Pokémon Go is still being played by millions everyday. While players can level up without buying Pokécoins, this proves to be a tougher route to pursue. Fortunately, was established to get Pokécoins for free without getting banned from the game.

“This site offers a hack where German speaking people can get free Pokécoins,” says Myron Rubio, the developer. After spending time tinkering with the game, they developed a very easy way to earn coins. Since Niantics has been releasing new features every now and then, there is also the increased need for more storage and items to catch new and stronger Pokémon. They also argue that it will be very costly to upgrade an avatar just by buying Pokécoins. While the website is in German, users are happy to report the success on their attempts to get free Pokécoins.

Users only need to provide their username and the number of Pokécoins they wish to procure. One of’s unique traits is that the trick will not even take a minute, making the website convenient to use. Also noticeable is the minimal design of their website and the absence of advertisements because they want users to obtain hacked coins quickly. No accounts have been banned at the moment by using, unlike its counterparts.  Nonetheless, Rubio still suggests watching the video they provided there in order to appreciate the trick fully.

Pokécoins allow users to buy more balls and tools, upgrade their avatars, and expand the storage space for every Pokémon caught. Pokécoins are bought per bundles, ranging from $0.99 for 100 coins to $99.99 for 14,500 coins. On the other hand, the legal means to earn these are either nearly impossible to do or not worth the waiting time. Defending a gym is the fastest way to obtain these without making a purchase; however, this is extremely hard for beginners. Moreover, maintaining one’s status as a gym leader these days is ridiculously tough now that older players have their levels maxed out.

Interested Pokémon Go players can visit their website at and get free Pokécoins.’s office is located at Pontstraße 1-3, Aachen, Germany. They can be reached by telephone at +49 241 46864844 or via email at

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