Aussie Outdoor Mates Starts Campaign On Kickstarter For Project Drink Mate

Aussie Outdoor Mates campaign on Kickstarter goes live to raise fund for the Drink Mate project.

Aussie Outdoor Mates, the family-owned and operated enterprise with a love for everything outdoors, has announced launch of a fundraiser on Kickstarter. The project will fund the making of Drink Mate, the best outdoor drink holder ever made. It is a versatile, sturdy and lightweight drink holder ever, for all your outdoor adventures.

“Our campaign on Kickstarter is live now for funding the Drink Mate project,” says Mark Noble from Aussie Outdoor Mates. “We love outdoors and our research and experience showed that finding a suitable place to put snacks and drinks was a major problem area for revelers. We are sure that our Drink Mate will solve this problem and help people enjoy outdoor activities without having to bother about such issues.”

Aussie Outdoor Mates was founded by the husband and wife team of Mark and Carol Noble from Melbourne, Australia. They are passionate about developing businesses and products and make the successful. The aim of Aussie Outdoor Mates business is to ensure that campers from all around the world enjoy their time outdoors by using Drink Mate.

Drink Mate has been designed to be sturdy and versatile. It also offers a high level of efficiency. Users will find it easy to carry Drink Mate with them to outdoor parties and camps. It can hold wine/champagne bottles, whiskey bottles, beer bottles, cans and stubbies, soft drinks, coffee/tea mugs and more. It can also hold dips, crackers, snacks, camping condiments, and just about anything else that people want to carry and store conveniently during outings.

Drink Mate has been manufactured using mild steel and is fully powder-coated for added protection. There is a bottle opener attached to the arrangement. The spike on the bottom shaft can be used to drive it into the soil. There are pig tails provided on the bowl and bucket holders so that they can be attached in a convenient place. Collapsible bowls and ice buckets are also provided for ease of use. Drink Mate can be used on concrete and decking as it has a foot out stand made of hard plastic and aluminum.

The whole arrangement can be carried in a zip up lightweight canvas bag. They have even provided an orange LED light to keep bugs away at night. Drink Mate is 90 cm high. The foot stabilizer helps in pushing it into the ground for solid stability.

The Drink Mate campaign on Kickstarter has a target of raising AU$ 20,000 within the deadline date of August 28, 2017. Mark and Carol Noble are positive that the campaign will succeed.

About Drink Mate:

Drink Mate is an innovative product from Aussie Outdoor Mates, a family owned and managed business by the husband-wife team of Mark and Carol Noble. It is a versatile, lightweight and stable drink and snacks holder designed to deliver the ultimate convenience to those who love to party and have fun outdoors. Drink Mate Campaign on Kickstarter is aiming to raise AU$ 20,000 for funding the project.

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