Long lasting LifeBattery AIR powerbank efficiently made for apple products users.

New Jersey, USA – 17th July, 2017 – keeping your device on is very important. It ensures that you do not to miss any appointments, business opportunities, pleasure and lots more. That’s why everyone needs a good quality Powerbank. One of the best quality is LifeBattery Air power bank by UTM inc.

LifeBattery AIR is an outstanding power bank inspired by and designed for iphones, ipads MacBooks’s. It can be used for several hours on various devices: MacBook Air up to 68 HourMacBookook Pro Touch Bar up to 63 Hours, iPad Pro up to 38 Hours, iPhone 7 up to 295 Hours, iPhone 7 + up to 135 Hours, iPhone 6 up to 360 Hours, Apple Watch Series up to 1,960 Hours. It has a capacity of 27,200mAh.

Other features include: touching the sensor. Pure white 4 LED Lights which will let users know the remaining battery level, Automatic Power Control(No need to power-off this life battery. Just pull out the cable), Safety Protection (Over Voltage, Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Short Protection), various charging ports (1 AC / 2DC (USB Type-A, USB Type-C) enables users to charge 2 Macbooks and iPhone (or iPad) in full power simultaneously. It also has pass-through charging Charge your Apples or any device with LifeBattery while the battery itself is being charged. Size- 1 x 6.6 x 4.7 inches, 1.6lb


Specifications of this amazing device include:

Weight: 1.6 lb (725g), Dimension: 1 x 6.65 x 4.72 inches (12×16.9×2.5 cm), Warranty: Limited One (1) Year from the date of dispatch, Certifications: FCC (Planned on December, 2017), Operating Temp: -10° to 70° C. Charge Input: 4.5V ~ 36V (Buck Boost), Output: 110V PSW (Pure Sine Wave), Continuous Output Power: 120W, Peak Output Power: 140W (1s), USB Output

LifeBattery AIR uses four beautiful colors of Macbook design (Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Space Gray) When placed with your Macbook, will perfectly coordinate with the design and color. No electronic product can be more coordinative with Apple’s design.


Our great Apple Devices, especially MacBooks and iPhones need it is sensitive and exquisite electronic wave flows to be charged in the unharmful and environmental way.

Therefore, UTM Inc grafted the latest delicate performing technology PSW (Pure Sine Wave) system embarked to LifeBattery AIR which naturally produces clean electricity to Apple devices without forcing over Apple’s technological limit automatically.


Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/366V8u3Nm78

Powerful Multi-Charger for LifeBattery AIR is currently under development. Estimated mass production date will be the same as AIR production.

The product will be launched at Indiegogo by 17 July 2017. Use this link to get the product https://igg.me/at/lifebatteryair and

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