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Airwheel’s success begins and ends with people who have a passion for great electric scooters, electric skateboards and e bikes … a pride in getting everything just right … a commitment to perform its best for the people who put their trust in it.

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There are various kinds of vehicles help people to travel. Each vehicle features its unique structure and function and increases our efficiency to work or travel nearby. Nevertheless, each one of them also has drawbacks, more or less. A car takes you to work with comfort, but it also leads you to traffic jams and parking issues; a bike helps you to weave among crowd, and it sweats you as well. With Airwheel electric unicycle, a new method of transportation, you can enjoy your trip and reach any destination nice and easy.


In the first place, Airwheel folding electric scooter is fashionable, portable and eco-friendly. It satisfies the market demands, combines modern technology and honors a number of patents. For example, the gyroscope system provides the scooter with self-balance skills. You can simply use your body to control it easily and have fun with it. Moreover, Airwheel made of advanced materials is more compact and portable, compared with others. Therefore, we can ride it through crowds and pick it up when go on and off bus or subway.


In the market, there are a lot of products that provide a short and medium distance travel, but people who live far away from their companies or who live outdoor activities always complain that they don’t have a good way of transportation. The release of Airwheel sitting-posture electric scooter perfectly solves this problem, like the A3, S6, S8 and S8mini. With it saddle, people could sit comfortably while riding, which is energy-saving and makes possible a long-distance trip.


You can imagine that in a hot afternoon with direct sunlight, you don’t have to walk or block on the street, ride an Airwheel electric mobility scooter instead, and reach your destination nicely and easily, no matter it is a short, medium or long distance. Simply stated, its objective is to make Airwheel the world’s valuable company by attracting the industry’s most loyal and enthusiastic customers.

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