The Ultimate Air Conditioned Clothes Have Now Arrived

Octocool Is Making Life Easier With Its Innovative & Practical Air Conditioned Clothing Options

July 17, 2017 – Octocool has announced that they are offering highly useful and innovative air conditioned clothing with endless industrial applications. There are several health and environmental benefits of these amazing air conditioned shirts made by Octocool that can be worn by athletes, industrial workers and blue collar workers. From outdoor sports to camping or hiking or even fishing to hard laboring jobs such as road construction, mining and roofing, these shirts are the ultimate climate control solution for a human body.

“We have seen in the recent years that the world has started to adopt the air conditioned apparel and Octocool is the largest distributor of these air conditioned shirts and air conditioned pants worldwide.” said the spokesperson of Octocool while talking about the air conditioned clothing made by the company. “Our air conditioned clothing not only controls the climate of a body to keep it comfortable in extremely hot weather but also prevents excessive sweating and dehydration.” he added. The company has been creating these shirts and pants since 2014 and the number of customers has dramatically increased over the past couple of years.

The air conditioned shirts by Octocool are designed as a result of amazing engineering. The air is channeled into the body through two removable fans that are very powerful and are backed by a lithium ion efficient battery. This air is flown across the body and then it exits from the neck and sleeves, keeping the body temperature cool and comfortable. Moreover, these two fans can be easily removed when it is time to wash the clothing. The direct cooling airflow with a couple of powerful 97 mm fans makes the body cool, calm and comfortable in harsh weather conditions.

Since 2014, these climate controlled clothing options introduced by Octocool have helped thousands of users worldwide. Moreover, these air conditioned shirts eliminate the chances of a heat stroke or other heat related injuries that claim the lives of many workers around the world. The company has received phenomenal feedback and reviews from its customers worldwide and the applications of these air conditioned shirts and jackets have grown substantially over the years.

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