The unique Genio Baby Bandana Bibs, providing a better more fashionable appearance

Give your kids an upgrade in appearance with these cute durable baby bandana bibs now available at the Amazon online store

Drool covered outfits just aren’t cute, and neither are rashes caused by wetness. These handmade baby bandana drool bibs are high quality. Baby drooling just got more simple with Genio baby bandana bibs. Protect your little one from discomfort and irritation while saving their outfits with a Genio Baby Bandana Bib. Made From 100% Cotton And Polyester Fleece with cotton on the front and fleece on the back, your baby is protected from wetness and drool settling on the skin.

Ultra-absorbent cotton locks in moisture while fleece provides a soft, plush barrier between the wetness and your baby’s delicate skin. Secure Bibs for a growing baby.  Genio Baby bandana bibs come with break free snaps that won’t be easily pulled off by feisty little hands. Fully adjustable, the snaps can be fixed as your baby grows into a toddler – no need to buy a new set every year!

Saving Little Outfits with Style: Using a baby bib can be an outfit life-saver, especially as your baby goes through the constant drooling stage of teething. Genio Baby’s cute designs don’t sacrifice style, either! A Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift & Registry Item these drool bibs are one of those accessories that many parents don’t realize they need – until they need it! Babies now have style and protection all in one.

Genio Baby Bandana bibs also come with a 30 day money back guarantee which makes the choice to purchase a set a very easy one to make. These bibs have been specifically designed to meet the desires and expectations of parents with a high quality fashionable choice. Genio Baby aims at providing customers with high-quality children’s products.  It’s made of 100% organic cotton and polyester fleece with easy to clean surface that can be used immediately. With no exception, Genio Baby Bandana Bibs have break free adjustable snaps to ensure a perfect fit for your child every time, even as they continue to grow.

Genio Baby Bandana Bibs also have some distinct features that make it different from all other baby bibs. They come with great new designs that tailor to both boys and girls in sets at an extremely affordable price.

Genio Baby bandana bibs are high quality dribble bibs that are versatile and cute.  They are  durable due to the quality of materials used in the production, Genio Baby also has several SGS product certifications to ensure only the highest quality manufacturing. These beautiful baby bandana bibs can be purchased on Amazon at very affordable prices.

About GenioBaby

GenioBaby with a slogan “Our passion is your satisfaction” is an online store working exclusively with Amazon for order fulfillment and product payments which strive to distribute high quality children’s products at very competitive prices. Their manufacturers utilize very strict testing methods to ensure that safety and efficiency are not compromised while providing customers with an excellent experience. Genio Baby has taken the childrens products market by storm delivering another high quality item for kids everywhere.

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