Must-Read Discipleship Guide for New Believers and Experienced Christians

Get inspired and be ready to strengthen your faith as a Bible-based standard for Christian conduct is outlined.

Where does one get his or her standard of living and what should be a Christian’s basis of right and wrong?

In a time when a multitude of standards abound, much confusion arises among new believers and even long time Christians. In “The Standards of Christian Conduct – Bridging the Gap between New Believers and Mature Christian”, author and inspirational speaker Deloris Duncan shares her belief in the importance of raising the standards of Christian living by making the Bible and the Bible alone the basis of right and wrong.

The Standards of Christian Conduct is an in-depth and comprehensive, yet practical and easy to understand discipleship handbook that guides any believer on the standards of Christian living. It provides Bible-based answers to age-old questions that constantly bother believers. Duncan outlines this inspirational book for readers to: understand the process of sanctification; explore Religion vs. Relationship; discover the process of “coming out of the world”; learn what to do when you fall; learn how to develop a strong Christian character; learn how to deal with sickness, disease and death; and share in true life experiences and personal testimonies from practicing Christian disciples.

Drawing inspiration from her years of experience in ministering both in Baptist and Methodist churches, Duncan uses this book to share with others the growth process, wonders, joys, challenges, and triumphs of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

The originality of this book lies in grounding Christian ethics not in a dogmatic sense but in a wonderfully laid out guide. This is genuinely a new turn in the history of Christian experience.

The Standards of Christian Conduct – Bridging the Gap between New Believers and Mature Christian

Copies of the book are available at:, Barnes & Noble, Toplink Publishing, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

Deloris Duncan is originally from Savannah, Georgia but currently lives in the Atlanta area. After serving for almost thirty-two years in the Federal Government, she retired in 2011 and decided to devote the rest of her life to learning how to best live a Christ centered life and encourage others to do the same. Having years of experience ministering in both Baptist and Methodist churches, she has taught adult discipleship classes and children’s church as well as facilitated adult Bible study groups in private homes and public facilities.

She truly has a heart for helping others to know Christ better and believes that using her own Christian knowledge and experience can be a way to share with others her growth process, wonders, joys, challenges, trials, triumphs and peace in her quest for a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus. In her book, “The Standards of Christian Conduct,” she invites readers to come with her and be a part of her journey from new believer to a deeper, more abiding love and life in Christ our Savior.

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