Matt Kido Works Out With Up And Coming Trainer Brad Roche In The Gym

Brad Roche, strength and conditioning trainer from Charlotte, North Carolina, worked out in a session with Matt Kido in Honolulu on June 27. Kido and Roche recorded a video of part of their session that will be available online.

Matt Kido hosted up and coming trainer Brad Roche at a gym in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 27. Kido demonstrated a number of his workout routines and provided advice on athletic training. During the session Kido and Roche collaborated on a training video that is being posted online on their respective social media pages.

Kido is a fitness professional in Honolulu. For the past 10 years he has been helping people around the world develop a long-term fitness lifestyle. He develops individualized fitness plans that combine diet, exercise training and weekly monitoring against a set of agreed upon metrics that measure progress toward goals. With hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube and other social media, he’s known worldwide for his natural fitness advice.

Kido’s YouTube videos inspire viewers with motivation, sample workout routines, diet advice, and transformation case studies. He said, “Consistency is the key to improvement and no matter how many times you fall it doesn’t really matter. Too many people try to be perfect, or compare themselves to someone else.” He continued, “All that really matters it that you are making progress toward your own personal goals.”

Roche is a strength and conditioning trainer in Charlotte, North Carolina. He offers one-on-one training as well as video training aimed at increasing strength, athletic performance, power-bodybuilding, and overall total-body fitness. With an already established social media following, Roche continues to train with the best to continue his own growth.

Roche says “I enjoy being able to help people reach their fitness goals. Through YouTube I’ve found a way to motivate my followers to unlock their potential, and help make the skills they need in the gym, habits in every day life”

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