The Award-Winning stage play “Death of a Snowman” is being adapted into a short animated film. You can be a part of the process by donating today! Donation prizes include producer credit, signed animation cels, signed books, free script writing services, and more! Please click on the link here to view a trailer and see images from the animation process:

When a young girl loses her mother, she turns to a wise old snowman for comfort and advice. The stage play has been produced nearly 100 times around the world, and is beloved by many. Here are some of the critical responses to the play:

“[Michael] Shelton and Amanda Lynn Meyer team up nicely in DEATH OF A SNOWMAN, a poignant moment between a girl who has lost her mother and her snowman, who explains the circle of life in the coolest way possible.” (Elizabeth Musgrave,, 2009)

“Best of the bunch is Daniel Guyton’s DEATH OF A SNOWMAN, in which actor Michael Shelton gives the best performance I’ve seen from him (and I’ve seen some fine ones) as a snowman discussing life and death with a young girl (Amanda Lynn Meyer).” (Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal, 2009)

“I read DEATH OF A SNOWMAN and it is absolutely beautiful. You had me laughing and crying throughout the play.” (Geri Albrecht, Heuer Publishing, 2009)

“I felt as if my face were leaking, I cried so much during this piece, but I just let the tears fall and wiped them away as needed. I never got around to voting online, but Guyton’s DEATH OF A SNOWMAN is probably my favorite.” (Hope Baugh, Indy Theatre Habit, 2010)

Written and produced by Daniel Guyton ( Animation by Lisa Marie Erickson ( Music by Alfredo Sirica ( Voiceover work by Daniel Guyton, Charlotte Lyda, and Heather Lyda.

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