Since1984: Unleash Your Creativity with This New Modular Furniture System Now on Kickstarter

San Francisco, CA – On July 17 2017, Italian designer Serena Ζanello launched a Kickstarter campaign for Since1984, a functional and versatile modular furniture system that that can be used in small living spaces, showrooms, lofts or offices.

“What comes to your mind when you think of the 80’s?” asked Ζanello, “It reminds me of Big Brother and Pop culture, video games and bright colors! As an architect and an artist, I wanted to celebrate that age and got inspired to create a new design collection.”

This first collection by Serena Ζanello is being designed and made in San Francisco using sustainable methods and non-hazardous apple plywood. Since1984 revisits a fun game as a modular system for stacking and arranging furniture.

Not only is it fun to put together – it looks great no matter what configuration you choose!

Since1984’s lightweight system works well in any space and can easily be moved around and re-arranged for different purposes. Users can play with it transforming their spaces by moving the pieces … using them for storage, decoration, or gathering them around to sit on during a movie night!  

The goal of this collection is to make it easier for young customers and design lovers to decorate a variety of living spaces in a fun way. Users with three pieces can play with over 20 solutions, while users with the full package of 7 pieces have over 100 solutions to choose from!  

“Our mission is to create affordable, modular, sustainable, fun, and user-friendly furniture. This project is two years in the making and almost ready to launch, but I need your help,” Ζanello explained, “I am excited to share this design project with YOU and YOUR FOLLOWERS. Please let us know if you’re interested in sharing, have questions or you need more information!”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of limited rewards with different color options available. Backers can pledge $149 for one, $269 for a two pack, $399 for a three pack, or $980 for a seven pack. These prices are exclusively discounted for Early Bird backers on Kickstarter, with savings from $50 to $315 off the retail value.

For more information, please click here to join our launch list or contact the creator below.

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