Hearing Components Partners With MEE audio on a New, Innovative Line of Earphones for Musicians

OAKDALE, MN – 18 Jul, 2017 – Hearing Components, Inc., the manufacturers of Comply™ Foam earphone tips, recently teamed with MEE audio, an industry-leading producer of sports, wireless and high-fidelity headphones and earphones, for the M7 PRO, MEE’s latest and most effective in-ear monitor for musicians.

On June 28, 2017, MEE audio released the M7 PRO, the next generation of universal-fit monitors for musicians that utilizes a hybrid pairing of two different driver types to optimize audio performance. The M7 is a follow-up to the bestselling M6 PRO monitors, which launched in 2015 and made waves in the music world as the first full-featured in-ear monitor to combine affordability with excellent sound quality. Each M7 PRO features a 10mm moving coil driver and a high-precision balanced armature driver to cover bass, midrange and treble frequencies alike. Furthermore, all M7 PROs include two pairs of high-quality Comply™ Foam tips, the Isolation T-200 and Truly Wireless tips, that provide superior grip, comfort and external dB reduction compared to standard silicone, making them ideal for enhancing the performance and protecting the hearing of musicians on and off the stage.

Comply™ Foam earpiece tips are an integral component of MEE’s PRO line of products because of their outstanding noise isolation and custom seal. All Comply™ tips utilize special viscoelastic memory foam technology to conform to the user’s ear canal as it changes in size and shape due to shifts in movement and temperature, creating a snug and comfortable fit that offers rich sound and prevents bass from leaking out. Moreover, these foam tips provide twice the grip strength of silicone tips, an incredibly useful feature for musicians who are playing in frantic, high-energy environments.

The M7 PRO is currently available for purchase at select Pro Audio retailers and online at www.meeaudio.com for $149.99. All other regions worldwide to follow.

See more information on the M7 PRO at www.meeaudio.com/EP-M7PRO-CL-MEE

About Hearing Components, Inc.:

Founded in 1990, Hearing Components, Inc. has been offering unparalleled sound isolation, in-ear retention and comfort with Comply™ foam tips for over 15 years, continuously researching and developing new sound products and technology for consumer electronics, military, law enforcement, industrial communications and more. All Comply™ products are manufactured in Oakdale, MN.

To learn more about Hearing Components and its wide selection of quality foam tips, visit www.complyfoam.com

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