Largest Fidget spinners Online Hub Launched

Spinning-Toy was launched to be a one-stop hub of information for those who love and enjoy fidget spinners. The website’s aim is to bring information about the best collections of Fidget spinners from major International manufacturers, distributors, and importers. Fidget spinners are not new however recently the spinning toys emerged as a major trend especially useful for relieving stress and anxiety.

To cater to the needs of fidget spinner lovers who enjoy collecting different types, Spinning-Toy was developed by a fellow lover of the toy. As enthusiasts, the team knows that the simple yet extremely addictive toy can easily become an obsession, and after owning just one fidget spinner it is almost impossible not to add more unique and interesting spinners to the collections. Therefore as a solution the Spinning-Toy store came into being,  “If you love fidget spinner as much as we do at Spinning-Toy, then our website is the place for you to find reviews, prices comparisons, interesting facts and details about the most popular toy in the world today.”

Besides offering an extensive range of spinners including metal fidget spinners sourced from all over the world, Spinning-Toy’s team will also be offering valuable information such as tips, advice and reviews to help their buyers select the best fidget spinner to add to their collection. What makes Spinning-Toy one of the biggest platforms for fidget spinner lovers is that with over 200 people contributing to the website, they generate over 100,000 views every week by continuously understanding their fidgeters. As the only resource of information, that provides expertise and insight on using hand spinner products, review, video and news, the website spares no effort to raise public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression.

The website has a streamlined design for a hassle-free browsing and reading experience. Its simple design allows users to find a wide variety of information about fidget spinner of most styles. Promising a smarter and more intelligent experience with Spinning-Toy, the website has been divided into separate sections including reviews, news and trending videos.

Recently, the website shared with reader how they can increase sales by promoting hand spinners.

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Spinning Toy is the leading independent communicating platform under the STARSS Co. Ltd. We aim to deliver the latest news and entertainment about hand spinner products to hundreds of millions of “fidgeters” around the world.

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