World’s First Innovative Chargless Solar Powered Phone Case Designed for Phone Users Funds on Indiegogo

The World’s First Solar Powered Phone Case Featuring A Built In Wallet With Rfid Protection And Extended Battery

July 18, 2017 – Guraj Group has announced CHARGLESS the world’s first solar powered phone case with an extended battery and RFID wallet

 Every Phone users knew getting powered on their devices is a major feat that needs to be addressed where other alternatives seem to combat this problem no product has perfectly solve this that is the sole responsibility of CHARGLESS solar powered phone Case with Wallet Powered by Guraj Group the leading tech innovators.

“This case is designed to allow you to charge your phone without the hassle of power cords and trying to find an outlet.” As said by Donald Guraj. He also included, “whether you’re on a vacation or sitting in the office, your phone will be charged from any light source.”

Housed in a compact package, Chargless solar powered phone case can be carried along charging inside a lunch bag or moved about in the lunch bag, either way, it’s convenient. With billions of Phone users around the world, this battery inbuilt power system has proven adequate for its users as this modern, sleek design helps to keep not only phone charged but to keep all those items in your wallet organized.

CHARGLESS is made with a poly-carbonate case to protect your phone from any falls. The solar panel is located on the front of the case, which is made from thin-film solar cells allowing the phone to charge using any light source. The case contains a lithium-ion battery, which is a high-quality rechargeable battery located in the rear of the case. The wallet is made from the finest of French suede and contains a RFID blocker to protect all of your personal information.

Care to extend your phone products battery and stay powered all the time, get the CHARGLESS solar powered phone Case

For more information about this product and contribution check in to CHARGLESS Indiegogo campaign and YouTube

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