Zen Sleep Launches New Tongue Retaining Device Anti-Snoring Solution

July 18, 2017 – Zen Sleep’s mission is to provide everyone with a great night’s sleep, and one of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to eliminate snoring – the #1 sleep interruption. Zen Sleep provides great customer service and hard work to provide their valued clients with help they need. Their goal is to get you the best night’s sleep possible. Their Tongue Retaining Device was voted the best snoring solution of 2017 by the US Medical Times for good reason. It is easy to use, quiet and most of all, effective.

A tongue retaining device is a piece of silicone that holds the tongue in place while sleeping. Snoring is essentially caused by restriction in our airways while we sleep. A tongue stabilizer keeps the tongue from falling backwards, keeping the airways open and enables a peaceful sleep without the heavy snoring.


Another popular, but often ineffective snoring aid is called the mandibular advancement device or MAD. This device forces the jaw forward and often causes TMJ or worsens TMJ symptoms, because of the extra pressure applied to the jaw bone. In addition, the MAD is not the preferred snoring aid for snorers with dental work. It can negatively affect crowns, caps and bridge work. People with dentures are not a great fit for the MAD either, because the MAD pulls the jaw forward they need to bite down on the MAD to secure it as they sleep. Thus, having to leave their dentures in throughout the night.

What sets a tongue retaining device apart from other snoring aids is how easy it is to use, and how comfortable it is. Unlike old technology that forces the jaw forward or shoots air into the nose or mouth, this new technology provides support for the tongue and stops snoring. The ZenGuard is BPA free and made from soft medical grade silicone. The unique design creates a soft, yet sturdy suction around the tongue and will not cause or inflate symptoms of TMJ. The Zen Sleep team spent five years of clinical research developing the ZenGuard. These are all very big recent discoveries and resulted in the ZenGuard being on a 60-day waitlist earlier this year.


There is nothing exactly like ZenGuard and there are lots of knock-offs flooding the market. It promises to help men and women stop snoring on the first night. Not just stop heavy snoring, but stop all snoring, with 100% guaranteed results and a 90-day return policy. The Zen Sleep website has several testimonials talking about its effectiveness and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The comments range from the ZenGuard is a “marriage saver” to “five stars for low cost and effectiveness.”

Remember, heavy snoring impacts the quality of sleep that men and women get at night. The faster people can find an anti-snoring aid that works for them, the better off they will be.

To learn more about Zen Sleep, the ZenGuard or their entire anti-snoring system contact a Zen Sleep specialist today at (800) 278-015 or visit their website at https://zensleep.com/.

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