Nouri Face & Body Concepts Offers Relaxing Pre Natal and Post Natal Massages

Nouri Face & Body Concepts is a Singapore based health and beauty services company that specialises in pre-natal and post-natal massages to relief the stress, aches and pains women experience during and after pregnancy. The company also offers a wide range of other services including eyebrow embroidery, slimming massages, and facial treatments.

What set Nouri Face & Body Concepts apart from other competitors is the personal touch that it offers its customers. The company focuses on delivering a high standard of service and personalised attention to clients in its luxurious beauty salon that has a relaxing atmosphere that makes them feel at home. Nouri Face & Body Concepts also provide customers a personalized follow up to give them the best possible beauty results and operate to latest hygiene and safety standards.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts specialise in beauty treatments for pregnant women. For pre-natal treatments, the company offers pre-natal massages and anti-water retention programs, facials for pregnancy acne, and Brazilian waxing. Customers gain many benefits from these treatments including clear and hydrated skin, lower stress and depression levels caused by hormonal changes, relief from aches and pains, prevention of loose skin and weight gain, and better preparation for lactation to help breastfeeding.

The company also offers a range of post-natal health and beauty care including Jamu slimming massage where customers can choose either recovery massage with tummy slimming or the deluxe Jamu and full body slimming and dietary advice from Nouri’s founder Valerie de Costa. The benefits of the company’s post-natal services include expert nutritional advice, high-quality treatments using natural ingredients and herbal infusions with no additives, and dedicated therapists who attend every session.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts also provide many other services including lip and eyelid embroidery, hair removal and skin repair, skin tag removal, and tattoo removal.

The company’s personal touch has earned them many positive reviews. For example, Karen says, “During the Prenatal sessions, I was truly amazed at the relief and results they gave me.I stayed on for the Post Natal Massage sessions after giving birth as I knew that they could really help me lose the extra weight and get rid of the stretch marks.”

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