Eidelman & Associates Brings Something Unique to the Table as a Divorce Lawyer in Allentown PA

Clients Experience a Greater Understanding of Their Rights and the Issues at Play

There are many types of jobs that require the expertise of a professional that can be trusted to handle the job on their own.   The job of a divorce lawyer in Allentown PA is not the same as that of a plumber or electrician.   There are too many decisions that need to be made regarding a divorce and the eventual settlement the parties will reach to put it entirely in the hands of the attorney.   The attorneys at Eidelman & Associates differ from other attorneys in that they discuss their client’s rights with them and prepare them for the issues that are likely to be at play.   This gives them a better position for preventing simple disagreements from turning into long, drawn-out legal battles that do not accomplish what either party has in mind.

Eidelman & Associates is a full-service family practice with an extensive history of achieving peaceful resolutions for divorcing couples.   Sometimes clients need a divorce lawyer in Allentown PA who will find an easier way to reach a resolution than fighting out details.   Others may need a lawyer who is prepared to take an aggressive approach to defending their client’s rights.   Although many of the final details of the divorce are determined by law, the actions on the part of the other spouse can make getting a fair resolution more challenging.   It is the skills and experience of that attorney that will determine how effectively these obstacles can be overcome.

Before becoming a divorce lawyer in Allentown PA, Attorney Mary J. B. Eidelman evaluated both sides of divorce cases as a divorce master in Lehigh County.   She realizes the contentious, often stressful process for everyone involved.   Her experience and a commitment to her clients allow her to guide them towards the resolution that is in their best interests.   All of the attorneys at Eidelman & Associates have a combined 50+ years of experience in family law and, specifically, handling divorce cases.   Anyone in need of an experienced divorce lawyer in Allentown PA should contact the firm to schedule a consultation to discuss their legal needs for a better resolution to their divorce case.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates is a law firm in Allentown, Pennsylvania that is committed to handling matters related to divorce.   Founder, Mary J. B. Eidelman, has more than 30 years of experience in providing excellent litigation and mediation services for straightforward and complex divorces.   The feature that sets Eidelman & Associates apart as a divorce and child support attorney in Allentown, PA, is their compassion towards their clients and the children who must live with the outcome of the divorce for the rest of their lives.

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