Dating And relationship coach Emily McKnight’s new book reveals alternative dating secrets of forever love

Dating & Relationship Coach, Emily McKnight, has released her new book “The Don’t Before I Do” that talks about a new dating approach that will help one come out of heartbreaking experiences in love and find a more fulfilling way to healthy relationships and eventually, marriage.

Ames, IA – July 18, 2017 – For all those single women having a hard time in finding their true love- help is finally here. Dating and relationship coach Emily McKnight has just released her new book “The Don’t Before I Do” that reveals alternative dating secrets proven to take one closer to the altar. The text stresses on sexual purity and celibacy as one of the core points of its new dating approach.

The book is aimed to be a successful relationship guide for single women who are on their way to find their true soulmate after suffering the vicious clasps of bad boyfriends and broken hearts. The author looks forward to helping women locate their faults that led to unsuccessful relationships in the past, so that they can take the needed corrective and alternative measures to experience a healthier and more fulfilling dating journey.

“I am delighted to announce the release of my new book, The Don’t Before I Do. As a dating and relationship coach, I am always encouraging today’s women to take up a different approach to loving and living that will ultimately ensure a new and more fulfilling outcome. My book reflects the same. With its alternative dating guide, it comes as a beacon of light to all those who are aspiring to take the vows with the men who will love them with everything they have. I have shared the stories of my own past mistakes in the book and I am sure my readers would be able to relate to some of them, if not all. Most importantly, I have been very honest about the lessons I have learned from such mistakes and I am positive these lessons will help you to find new ways in the path of forever love- just like they have helped me”, stated Emily McKnight.

Emily had a struggling love life for 20 years marked with heartbreaking instances of deceit, lies shattered hearts and disrespect. But one day, she finally decided to take her dating destiny in her own hands which led her to the discovery of a new superpower. The self-reflective discovery helped her to deepen her connection with God that ultimately enabled her to find the true love who was ready to do everything to win her heart forever.

Given that her message strongly encourages abstaining from sex until marriage, she revealed that her story is different from the typical story of all those who currently promote celibacy. Most of them usually have a perfect story – like they were both virgins till the wedding day, they didn’t kiss until they reached to the altar and so on.

“Unlike most of the people who presently promote celibacy, I had lots of sex, heartaches and my own shares of bad choices. My husband too had a similar journey and both of us had sex previously prior to our reunion. But we still mustered the courage to try celibacy and by God’s grace, both of us have succeeded in our endeavors. I have been very candid and detailed about my past relationships so that women from any walk of life can have a better understanding of the ins and outs of bad relationships. I have also explained how my courtship with my now husband was very different from those in the past – which helped me to realize the he was ‘the one’.”

The book is available in all the major online outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. To grab your copy of the book, visit

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