Canada-Based Offers Efficient Customs Clearance Services to Non-Resident Importers, a leading customs brokerage company based in Canada, now offers highly efficient customs clearance services not only to customers from Canada, but also for non-resident importers. is one of the most popular firms in Canada for customs brokerage services. Its non-residential import (NRI) services have started gaining a lot of popularity for the efficient import processes followed.

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Knowing the potential that the Canadian market has, it’s possible for an NRI to successfully compete for a share in the Canadian market. By easing the process of import for its customers, ClearIt customs brokers give NRIs a competitive edge over the domestic suppliers. Several US and international businesses consider NRI status to be the best way to reduce supply chain expenses.

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Speaking about ClearIt customs consulting for non-resident importers, a company spokesperson stated – “Our Non-Resident Importer (NRI) Program serves to increase the competitive advantage of U.S. exporters in the Canadian marketplace. It allows the U.S. exporter to include all shipping, customs clearance fees, duties and taxes in the selling price for the customer. You can sell to Canada on a delivered-price basis, rendering the ordering process more transparent and stable for the Canadian customer.”

The process is not only easy with non-resident importing, but it’s also hassle-free to import a car to Canada with ClearIt.

Summing up his views about ClearIt’s non-resident importing services, the spokesperson concluded by saying – “ satisfies the need for quick and affordable customs brokerage services to everyday people and small businesses not only in Canada, but around the globe. The next time you buy something online or out of the country for yourself or your business, save time and money with

Whether it’s ClearIt’s car importing or the non-resident importing services, importers can be assured they will receive a top quality service in all cases.

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ClearIt is a Canadian firm devoted to offering highly cost efficient Canadian customs brokerage services to individuals and businesses across the globe.

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